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Angelica Zachary Age and Bio of Marlon Wayans Wife

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Images of an actress, Angelica Zachary

Some relationships are bonded so tightly that you can never get rid of them, even if you try. The famous actor Marlon Wayans and his wife Angelica’s relationship is something like that. They fell in love, married, spent more than two decades together but ended up in a place where they did not want them to be.

However, even if they have parted their ways, we can still see them in a good place and with no grudges at all. Let us all admit that their kind of relationship is indeed rare these days. Hence, let us get to know the actor’s ex-wife Angelica, her age, and biography in this article.

Who is angelica, Zachary? Bio

If we introduce Angelica Zachary professionally, then she is an actress. However, her fame did not spike just by being an actress but also by being the wife of an actor and producer, Marlon Wayans. She is an American actress who comes from the African community. Besides having African-American descent, she also shares Japanese Heritage. In one of his posts about Zachary, Marlon wrote,

“Beautiful black woman that is quick to announce her Asian heritage and quicker to defend her strong African roots.”

This means that she is certainly proud of where she came from.

The actress doesn’t have a lot of career details which we can share with you. Her husband Marlon created a television show named ‘Marlon,’ which was based on his own real-life and portrayed the relationship with Angelica and their kids. Hence, she gained popularity for being a real-life character in the story. Apart from that, she is very non-public and doesn’t spill out her details anywhere.

Angelica Zachary Age and Birthday

The actress was born in New York, the United States, on February 22, 1979, so she is 42 years of age. We cracked the details of her birthday through a post her ex-husband Marlon made on her birthday. On the post, the producer has spoken out all his feelings are affections for her and wrote a very generous caption.

Angelica Zachary was married to Marlon Wayans

Zachary was married to producer Wayans, but the couple is no more together. According to Madamenoire, the two first met each other around the 1990s and developed a bond between them. After knowing each other for a few years, they tied their wedding knots in 2005.

The two of them had a very loving bond and were always together in each other’s thick and thins. They even have two wonderful children in their family. They are parents to their daughter Amai, a 20-year-old grown-up, and son Shawn, who is currently 18. The producer is always thankful for his ex-wife, who gave him the most precious gift of his life-their two children.

Angelica Zachary with her ex-husband, Marlon Wayans
An American actress, Angelica Zachary, and his Ex-husband Marlon Wayans

Divorce with Marlon Wayans

The then-lovebirds are no longer in a marital relationship and are divorced. However, Marlon never misses a chance to appreciate his children’s mother. Hence, their fans wonder to know about the reason behind their separation, as they still see the affection he has for her. The connection they had between them was meant to be forever, but one unfortunate incident changed their lives once and for all.

Marlon was red-handedly caught cheating on his wife. Tons of pictures floated on the internet, where he was spending a romantic moment with an unknown woman on a yacht. This event did not take long to ruin their relationship, and they separated around 2013. In fact, the duo still maintains a healthy friendship after what happened and are co-parenting their kids in the best way possible.

Ex-husband Marlon Wayans

We have talked a lot about Angelica and her marital life with Marlon, but you would want to know more about the actor as well. Marlon has several accolades to his name. As we have mentioned already that he is an actor and a producer, but apart from that, he is also a comedian and a screenwriter. He can be well-recognized as an actor in movies such as Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, White Chicks, and Little Man.

The earliest footstep in his acting career was a role of a pedestrian in an American action-comedy-parody film, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, in 1988. Furthermore, he was also a host of the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. Besides, he is also widely known for Fifty Shades of Black, a comedy film directed by Michael Tiddes. Moreover, his sitcom ‘Marlon’ is already renowned and loved by many, which aired on NBC.

Daughter Amai Zackary Wayans

Being born to celebrity parents is a blessing in itself. Angelica and Marlon’s daughter is one lucky girl who was born to absolutely amazing parents. Amai goes by her full name Amai Zackary Wayans and was born on May 24, 2000, in New York. By calculation, she is now 20 years old. Her name ‘Amai’ means sweet in the Japanese language.

An interesting fact about Amai that you would not want to miss is that she is openly gay. Her father is very supportive of her sexuality and does whatever it takes to make his daughter happy. Back in pride month, Marlon posted a picture of her daughter wearing rainbow-colored sneakers. Furthermore, her educational background is nowhere mentioned in the media.

Angelica Zachary with her family
Angelica Zachary and her ex-husband, Marlon Wayans, and her children

Son Shawn Howell Wayans

Amai is an elder sister to her brother Shawn Howell Wayans. Being the youngest in the family, he is just running in his 18. He was born on February 3, 2002, in New York. He goes to Buckley High School and is the most talented basketball player on his school team. Nothing much is known about the kid, as he is just in his late teens and focusing on his studies and career. However, we can see him quite often on his father’s social media accounts, showing off his basketball skills.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The ex-wife and now a really good friend of Marlon stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs about 56 kg. Her body measurements are reported to be 34-26-25 inches. She has undoubtedly maintained a physically fit body throughout her life.

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