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Ava Clark Age and Facts about chef Alex Guarnaschelli Daughter

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Images of Ava Clark, child of notable chef Alex Guarnaschelli

Ava Clark is a celebrity kid who drew public attention as soon as she came into the world. Being born to a celebrity parent, she has been in the limelight since forever. Her mother, Alex Guarnaschelli, is an excellent chef who has been raising her child beautifully. To learn more about her daughter Ava, stay tuned.

Ava Clark is the only child of Alex Guarnaschelli

Ava Clark is known for being the only child of notable chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Her mother and father, Brandon Clark, conceived her just after five months of their wedding. Alex was already pregnant while she married Brandon in April 2007.

Furthermore, Ava, since her early years, has been walking in her mother’s footsteps as she has begun to love culinary and spending time in the kitchen. She is a fun girl who loves to mimic her mother in the kitchen. Her mother states that she loves to guide her from a tender age to be a good cook. However, we came to know that food is not her only interest. She loves adventures as well. Besides, she is a harsh food critic, according to her mother.

Ava Clark Age

Born on September 24, 2007, Ava is now 13 years of age. On her latest birthday, her mother shared a picture of her daughter giving thumbs up on Instagram. As we see her on her mother’s social media handle, we can definitely say that she shares a special bond with her mother.

Ava Clark Parents got divorced in 2015

Ava met her ex-husband Brandon Clark in an Institute of Culinary Education. Back then, she was an instructor, and Brandon was just a random student who was there to make his professional career as a chef. However, he already had a profession as a personal injury lawyer.

The two gradually developed closeness but never confronted their relationship for a long time. They even shared the same kitchen but never spoke about each other’s feelings. Their intimacy started growing, and Brandon proposed to her in a pretty romantic way. He played the guitar and performed a song before proposing to her. The Chef couldn’t say no to the proposition and accepted it right away.

Furthermore, the couple wedded in the subterranean tavern at Alex’s restaurant Butter on April 29, 2007. The ceremony was not that huge, and they had invited just 125 guests, including their family, friends, and relatives. However, the love story did not end happily. There were rumors that her husband had extramarital affairs, and later he did accept that it was true. Hence, they parted their ways probably sometime around the year 2015. After the divorce, the Chef took full custody of their daughter.

Parents of Ava clark looking happy
Alex Guarnaschelli, an excellent chef with her ex-husband, Brandon Clark

Ava Clark’s mother, Alex, is currently in a relationship with Michael Castellon

The Chef is currently engaged to Michael Castellon, who also happens to be a chef. He appears on Food Network’s show ‘Grocery Games and is also a champion of the show ‘Chopped.’ Furthermore, she announced her engagement with Michael on Instagram, showing off her ring. The picture captioned, “Ok @chefmike808, you’re on!”

The lovebirds have been together since 2016. They first met each other at Michael’s restaurant. Furthermore, we know that Michael went down on his knees to propose to Alex on the occasion of her birthday. She stated that she was not expecting a proposal for her birthday celebration and instantly said yes.

Ava Clark mother, Alex Guarnaschelli 

We would not have to introduce Alex as she is already a prominent chef in the United States. She is an experienced and high-demand chef who is famous for her delicacy and culinary skills worldwide. Currently, she is an executive chef of the “Butter Restaurant,” located in New York City. Her cooking show Chopped and Iron Chef America has gained her immense love and fame.

Furthermore, she has published her cookery book “Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook.” She attended Horace Mann School and Barnard College and reported developing her cooking skills from her mother Maria, an editor in Cookbooks in New York.

Ava clark smiling with her mother, Alex Guarnaschellis
A celebrity kid, Ava Clark, and her mother, Alex Guarnaschellis

Ava Clark father, Brandon Clark 

Ava’s father, Brandon, is professionally a lawyer who once wanted to switch his career plans. He is originally an experienced attorney who provides legal services for parties to New York Workers’ Compensation. His efforts to change his career plans did not succeed, just like his married life with Alex.

Furthermore, the lawyer attended New York Law School in 2004 and pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Binghamton University, where he majored in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. Similarly, he has more than 25 years of experience in the field. He started his professional career in 1999, where he worked at The Law Firm of Alan W. Clark & Clark & Associates.

Ava Clark’s mother described her as a tough food critic.

Alex has always taught her daughter to be truthful towards everything. Besides having an interest in food, she also loves to be a food influencer on Instagram. While appearing on Open House TV, Alex talked about how her daughter is true while giving food critics. She said, “Let me tell you, she doesn’t lie. You cannot get a child to lie for anything. So if you really want a tough food critic, have a baby.”

Social Media Activities

The Chef is active on Instagram with the username @avaclark._._. She is quite active on social media, with most of her postings centered on her daughter Ava. In several of her posts, the mother-daughter combo can be seen having a good time. She currently has 37.5k Instagram followers.


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