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Chuck Connors Spouse, Net Worth, Children.

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Image of The Rifleman actor, Chuck Connors

Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors was a retired pro-athlete, television personality, and author. An illustrious television career saw him feature on shows like Flipper, Branded, and 1958’s The Rifleman. Television was not the only place Chuck would experience success.

His skills in both baseball and basketball meant that he was called up to play in both Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association.

Throughout his career, he played for famous sports teams like the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Celtics. When we examined his personal life, we learned that Chuck was married thrice. His spouses will be the subject of our article.

Who was Chuck Connors?

Chuck Connors was an actor with over four decades of experience in the business. Remarkably, he has over 130 film credits to his name.

This stretches back to his very film appearance in 1952’s Pat and Mike. From then on, he’d appear in numerous critically acclaimed spectacles such as Dear Phoebe, Target Zero, Hell’s Heroes, and Skinheads.

Chuck was born back on the 10th of April 1921 in New York. Before he became an actor, Connors was a star athlete.

His first stop was the Minor leagues, way back in the early 40s. It took another six years before he finally made the switch to basketball.

Later on in life, Connors switched his focus to his work as a humanitarian. He hosted a charity golf tournament that raised over $400,000 for disabled children.

On the 10th of November 1992, news broke that Chuck had passed away after a prolonged battle with lung cancer.

He developed this condition after reportedly smoking three packs of cigarettes every day for over three decades. He did eventually stop, but the damage had been done by then.

Net Worth.

Reports suggest that when he died, Chuck Connors’ net worth was $5 million. He accumulated this wealth from his extended career in Hollywood.

One of his films, Old Yeller, generated about $6.25 million at the box office. Adjusted for inflation, this rises to over $61 million in today’s numbers.

Chuck Connors Spouses.

Elizabeth Riddell

Chuck was first married to Elizabeth Jane Riddell. As the story goes, the two of them first met during one of Chuck’s games. At the time, he was still playing baseball professionally.

Elizabeth took an instant liking to Chuck, and they started dating shortly after this. The two would walk down the aisle on the 1st of October, 1948.

14 years of marriage ensued before Liz and Chuck decided to go their separate ways. Within that time period, they had four kids together. These are Kevin, Steve, Jeff, and Mike Connors.

Reports detail that Elizabeth passed away on February 27th, 1992. She was 64-years old at the time. Of all their sons, only Steve remains alive presently.

Image of Chuck Connors and Elizabeth Riddell
“The Rifleman” Chuck Connors with wife Elizabeth “Betty” Riddell

Chuck Connors spouse Kamala Devi

Kamala was an actress of Indian descent and Chuck’s second wife. She was born on October 8th, 1933, in Mumbai, India. Devi worked on multiple films throughout her career: Harry Black, Geronimo, and The Brass Bottle, just to name a few.

Interestingly, Kamala met Chuck while both of them were working on the set of Geronimo. The pair of them would tie the knot the following year and stay together for a decade.

Like his first marriage, divorce would follow Chuck by 1973. They did not have any children together. A deeper dive into her history also revealed that Kamala is no longer with us. She passed away in Fairfax, Virginia.

Image of “The Rifleman” Chuck Connors with wife Kamal Devi
“The Rifleman” Chuck Connors with wife Kamala Devi

Third Spouse Faith Quabius.

Chuck’s third wife, Faith, was also an actress. Her body of work includes films like Soylent Green, Standing Tall, and the Mad Bomber.

Faith was born on February 5th, 1940. Doing the math, you’ll realize that she is 81-years old.

Image of Chuck Connors and his wife, Faith Quabius
“The Rifleman” Chuck Connors with wife, Faith Quabius

Faith first met her future husband, Connors, on the set of the Richard Fleischer-directed film, Soylent Green.

A romance quickly flourished between the pair, and they started going out. It would take four years before they made things official, walking down the aisle in 1977.

This proved to be Chuck’s shortest marriage, as they were divorced in two years.

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