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Cynthia Blaise (Keegan-Michael Key Ex-wife) Age, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio.

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Image of Cynthia Blaise

Cynthia Blaise is famous as the ex-wife of Keegan-Michael Key. Although she has her successful career as a dialect coach, many know her as a celebrity wife.

Our attempt is to explore more about the dialect coach’s personal life in this article today. And find out her age and net worth too.

Who is Cynthia Blaise? Wikipedia

Born in America in 1958, Cynthia has made a distinct career in dialect coaching. Although she is an American, we have no idea of where in America she was born.

The actress and dialect coach is quite a reserved person. So, she rarely shares information about herself and her family. We have no idea if the dialect coach has any siblings. She has also maintained the silence to keep particulars about her parents under a veil.

Talking about her education, the actress has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. She went to the University of Oregon to get her Bachelor’s degree and attended the University of California to earn a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Cynthia was a bright student from an early age and did a great job in her academics. Her Wikipedia page is not available.

Cynthia Blaise looking beautiful in red lipstick
The actress and dialect coach, Cynthia Blaise

How old is Cynthia Blaise? Age and Birthday

As a woman born in the year 1958, Cynthia is 63 years now in 2021. The ex-wife of Keegan-Michael Key has not revealed her birthday, though. She is a person of reserved nature and doesn’t talk much about life information.

Although she has reached around her mid-sixties, Cynthia maintains her physique so well that she still looks youthful.

Cynthia Blaise is married and divorced from Keegan-Michael Key

Cynthia got into the spotlight because she married the famous actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. Although she had her fame as an actress and dialect coach, marrying Key brought her even more popularity.

She met Key in the early stage of her career. While both of them were trying to make their names in the film industry, they met each other in Detroit Repertory Theater. Their meeting turned into a relationship, and eventually, they decided to get married. The couple got into conjugal life in December 1998.

But the couple, unfortunately, separated their paths in 2015 after living for 17 years as husband and wife. The couple had tried to solve their problem and reconcile, but all in vain. Eventually, they decided to live their life separately. They went to court for divorce in 2015 but got it settled in 2017.

The couple has no kids from their 17 years of married life.

Cynthia is not in any relationship after her divorce from Keegan-Michael. There are no rumors of the actress being in a relationship with anyone.

However, her ex-husband, Keegan-Michael, has already married a new wife. He married Elly Key, also Elisa Pugliese, in 2018. His current wife, Elly, is a film producer.

Cynthia Blaise smiling with her ex-husband keegan
The actress and dialect coach, Cynthia Blaise, and his Ex-husband Keegan Michael

Career and Biography

Cynthia is a dialect coach by profession. In addition, she is also an actress. Her career credit includes several successful films. Her acting career credit includes hit movies like Timeline, Iron Jawed Angeles, Bandidas, Miami Vice, Faster, Bad Teacher, etc. She has acted in a popular television series, Justice.

She has hit a successful peak in her long-acting career graph. The actress has done movies of different genres, from crime drama to comedy films. She has proved herself equally fit for all the roles that she has done in those movies.

Cynthia Blaise Net Worth and Income Sources

Cynthia has spent a long part of her life in the film industry. The time in the industry has brought the actress fame and money both. Although she has been taking a break from acting after getting a divorce from her ex-husband, her net worth is still lucrative.

Cynthia has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She accumulated a staggering amount of money from her long career as an actress and dialect coach. The divorce from her ex-husband also added financial value to her life. Cynthia is supposed to get $34K per month from Keegan-Michael when the ex-couple settled for the divorce.

She gets $700K per annum as spousal support from her ex-husband. The actress also got their Mexico summer home and a luxury car.

Although she had to go through a heartbreaking divorce, it contributed a lot financially to her net worth.

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