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Who is Daniel Ezra Wife/Girlfriend? His Height, Age, and Parents

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Image of a famous British actor, Daniel Ezra

Daniel Ezra, a British actor, is a young sensation who has made his acting debut from ‘Twelfth Night’. He is famous for playing the role of Spencer in the drama series ‘All American’. Let’s dive deeper into the life of the young celebrity to explore more about him. Who is the girlfriend of this dashing actor, Daniel Ezra?

Who is Daniel Ezra?

Born on 15 December 1991 in Birmingham, England, Daniel hadn’t thought of making acting his career until his late teen years. He did not have any interest in acting. But, by now, he is one of the most popular young actors.

The Birmingham-born actor has Jamaican descent. As a young boy in his teen days, he loved sports. He used to play basketball but left playing when he shifted his interest to acting. We do not have more idea about his childhood days.

Is Daniel Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

As the character Spencer James played by Daniel in All American gets into a relationship with different girls, is the young star dating somebody in his real life?

There have been speculations floating around about Daniel and Samantha Logan being in a relationship in real life like they are on screen. But the gossip is just as it is – a gossip.

Image of a famous British actor, Daniel Ezra and his co-actor

A famous British actor, Daniel Ezra, and his co-actress, Samantha Logan from “All American“.

We have no proven fact about the actor’s relationship. Daniel Ezra has been a thick-skinned guy about sharing personal information and girlfriend.

The speculations about his relationship are purely based on the Instagram posts he uploads. His account is full of posts from the All American series cast, especially with Samantha Logan. But in reality, the co-actors are only good friends to each other.

Likewise, his past relationships are also secrets like the current status. The actor has never spoken about who he is dating or if he is planning to get married.

So, let the speculations fly around until he makes an announcement, hopefully soon.

How Old is Daniel Ezra? His Date of Birth

Daniel will turn 30 in December 2021. The 15th of December every year is a special day for him as he celebrates his birthday.

Although his date of birth and birthplace has been known to the public, information about his family is a secret. We do not know anything about his parents and if he has any siblings.

The actor has stayed quiet about most of his personal information.

How Tall is Daniel Ezra?

Image of a British actor, Daniel Ezra

All American’ and ‘Twelfth Night’ star actor, Daniel Ezra.

With an astonishing personality and good physique, Daniel’s body stature is something that many boys would love to have. Even at the height of 5 feet 8 inches, he has built an attractive body.

He is a fit person who has a weight of 70 kg.

Parents and Early Life

Although we have not got many ideas about his parents, they were of Jamaican ethnicity. It is believed that Daniel’s grandparents moved to England from Jamaica. His parents were also British meaning his grandparents must be the ones who had relocated.

Although we do not have much information about his schooling, we know that he loved sports while he was in school. He used to play basketball and football until his late teen years. The acting was never his priority until he was 19.

But things changed and he came into acting. He joined an acting course in 2011 and graduated in 2014 from East 15 acting school. After graduation, he has worked in several television shows, series, and movies.

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