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Emma DiGiovine (Jesse Waltter’s Wife) Age, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio

Image of model and TV producer, Emma DiGiovine

One of America’s most celebrated models and a TV producer, Emma Digiovine, later hit the limelight when she started dating her colleague of Fox News political star Jesse Watters. Currently, Emma is Jesse’s wife. Many allegations were shut down in 2019 when Jesse later got married to Jessie, divorcing his ex-wife, which created so much buzz then. Get to know more information about her age, wedding, and net worth in this review.

Emma DiGiovine Education

Emma Digiovine was born in the city of Cranford in New Jersey in the year 1992. She did her high schooling at Saint Elizabeth high school. After graduating in 2010, Emma went on to study at Fairfield College. There Emma was able to complete her journalism course with flying colors.

During her college life, she was quite active as a student of journalism and joined several clubs and organizations. The beautiful Emma was able to be a part of StudentAssociation in her university where she served as the Marketing Director.

Emma completed her journalism degree in 2014. Also, as a student, she was quite active in extra-curricular activities.

Her Love for Sports

She showed huge involvement in hockey, softballs, and soccer. However, she was highly passionate about dancing, for which she enrolled herself in several dance lessons while in high school, specifically ballerina. At just 15 years of age, Emma was already one of the members of the American Ballet Theatre. For the first time, she performed there as a ballerina. Likewise, Emma made her appearance on Broadway’s Metropolitan Opera house stage.

In addition to that, she is an avid reader of printed materials and keeps herself updated with all the materials she needs to acquire with what she is doing.

Emma DiGiovine Loves Travelling

Moreover, like everyone else, she enjoys traveling and sightseeing as well as exploring the diverse culture of each place she visits. She has been traveling to many exotic places with her husband, Jesse.

Image of model and producer, Emma DiGiovine travelling
The well-known wife of Jesse Watter, Emma DiGiovine, enjoys her traveling journey.


From her early days, Digiovine knew what she wanted, for which she already embarked on a journey that shall assist her to make her way into her chosen career path.

During her initial year of college, she was able to do her internship in Showtime Networks Public Relations Department. Emma wanted to bloom in the particular field showcasing her skills.

Besides that, she worked as a model that justifies her pretty face and slender body. Emma and MSA Models Management Agency made a contract agreement while she was still doing her graduation.

She got ample opportunities to collaborate and model for some huge names in the fashion world including Tommy Hilfiger.

Image of beautiful model, Emma DiGiovine
Collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger and Macy’s as a model, Emma DiGiovine flaunting her beauty.

However, her career officially took off in February 2015 when she was part of Fox News. During her initial time in Fox News, Emma’s role was to personally assist John Stossel who was hosting Fox Business. Furthermore, Stossel is an Emmy award winner for his contribution to journalism.

Emma later also became a production assistant of Stossel’s show before its cancellation in December 2016 by Fox.

Then, she faced several fluctuations in her career. Following her promotion, Emma, in 2017, became the Associate Producer of Watters’ World, which was a Jesse Watters’ show.

After her controversy with Jesse Watters, to prevent any other issues from happening, Fox made Emma host The Ingraham Angle. The show was no longer related to Jesse Watters.

Fox transferred her to another show, The Ingraham Angle, to prevent further issues. However, by the spring of 2018, Emma left the network.

Emma DiGiovine is Married to Jesse Watters

Despite several controversies, Jesse Watters separated from his then-wife in October 2017, and right after that, he revealed his relationship with Digiovine to Fox News’ HR department to announce it.

Much later, in December 2019, both of them exchanged their marriage vows in a prestigious ceremony where there were notable attendees included to the function of Donald Trump Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric, and Lara Trump.

Image of TV producer, Emma DiGiovine and her husband
A successful TV producer, Emma Watters, with her husband, Jesse Watter, at their wedding ceremony.

Emma DiGiovine Net Worth

As of 2021, Emma has an estimated net worth of $500,000, which is a huge sum for a 28-year old.  However, after getting hooked with Jesse, her sum is all set to increase drastically as her husband has a net worth of around $1 million.

Her Life Today

Recently, she announced that she is expecting a baby in April 2021 anytime soon. Furthermore, Emma now works as a content creator in the company which she established herself. The company is called Emma Watters LLC. Similarly, Emma has a channel on YouTube where she frequently posts hair and makeup guides. Furthermore, she also lets her viewers know about her diet on what makes her look so fit and healthy.

Image of famous model, Emma DiGiovine
A gorgeous model, Emma DiGiovine, is pregnant with the child of Jesse Watter.

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