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Imani Duckett: Age and Facts about Jasmine Guy Daughter

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Jasmine Guy Daughter, Imani Duckett

Imani Duckett is among the celebrity kids who appear in the spotlight before they’re born. Among the ones who get surrounded with cameras and mics whenever they step out of their homes or cars. We are talking about the renowned actress Jasmine Guy’s daughter, Imani Duckett. Stay with us as we discuss her age, bio, and parents.

Imani Duckett Age and Bio

The celebrity kid of Jasmine Guy is currently 22 years old, as she was born on March 28, 1999, in New York, United States. As you might already know, she was born to her mother, Jasmine Guy, and her father, Terrence Duckett. Being born to a celebrity parent is an asset to any kid, as they grab the public attention from an early age, which happened with Imani.

So with this, we don’t have to write that she had a fantastic upbringing necessarily. As you’re concerned about her education, she is currently going to NYU Tisch School of the Arts and wants to pursue her career in acting, following her mother.

Imani Duckett Parents Relationship

Now moving towards her beloved parents’ relationship, we are quite sorry to inform you that they are no longer together. Grey’s Anatomy star Jasmine married her first husband, Terrence Duckett, in August 1998, gave birth to their only child Imani a year after their marriage, but couldn’t save their relationship for more than a decade. Hence, her parents went their separate ways on April 8, 2008, when Imani was nine years old. Also, after the divorce, she and her mom moved to Atlanta for a living.

Mother, Jasmine Guy

Imani’s mother, Jasmine Guy’s career, is so astounding that we won’t be able to elaborate on her achievements in this short article. She began her journey in the acting field in 1982, when she got the role of a dancer in the TV series Fame. Later, she appeared in different hit movies like A Killer Among Us, America’s Dream, Perfect Crime, and many more.

Likewise, she has appeared in many TV series like Touched by an Angel, Malcolm &Eddie, Ladies Man, and many more. However, she is best known globally for her role as Gemma Larson in the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy. According to her IMDb, she has 79 acting credits and 83 self-credits.

Imani with her mother, Jasmine Guy
Grey Antony’s Actress, jasmine guy, and her daughter Imani Duckett

Imani Duckett Career

Imani has just set up her career and is sure to carry her mother’s legacy. Hence, there is nothing much to know about her career. According to her IMDb, she made her acting debut in 2016 in a play named Serial Black Face. In the same year, she appeared in a TV series documentary called Unsung Hollywood.

Later in 2021, she got her first role in the movie Open where she played the role of Luna. As she’s still pursuing her studies, she has not been much active in her career. However, after completing her studies, we hope to see more of her great works in days to come.

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