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Larron Tate (Larenz Tate brother) Age, Net Worth, and Biography

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Images of Larron Tate with her brother, Lahmard Tate

Tate Brothers are the acclaimed name in Hollywood, and we don’t really think we would have to introduce them to you. They have their names deep-rooted in the Industry. Larron Tate is the eldest sibling among the Tate Brothers and is a multi-faceted persona. His fans who religiously love him are often curious about his personal facts like age, net worth, and other exclusive details. Henceforth, we have brought you everything we know about him.

Who is Larron Tate?

Everyone definitely hears Larron’s name as he is a notable producer, actor, and writer. Besides, he can also be known as Larenz Tate’s brother. The producer has produced many famous films such as Beta Test and Business Ethics. Meanwhile, he has over 25 years of experience producing films and television programs; as a result, he is known often as a producer than an actor.

Age and Date of Birthday

While many of you might be wondering about the talented actor’s age, he is now 51. He was born in Chicago, the principal city of Illinois, on June 28, 1969. Unlike many actors and producers, Larron’s had no passion for acting from an early age. Meanwhile, when his classmate Malcolm-Jamal Warner rose to stardom after being cast on “The Cosby Show.”, his interest grew. He and his brother both started to take their acting classes seriously after then.

Larron Tate’s Parents and Family

Larron and Larenz’s parents are indeed proud, as both of their sons have excelled in their careers. They were born to Peggy Tate (mother) and father Larry Tate (father). Furthermore, the actor also has a third sibling named Lahmard, who also happens to be an actor. The actor was just 10 when his family moved to California. Besides, their parents played a significant role in their successful careers as they were the ones who convinced all of their kids to participate at the Inner City Cultural Center.

Larron Tate smiling with his brothers
A Notable producer in Hollywood, Larron Tate and his brothers, Larenz Tate and Lahmard Tate

Career and Net Worth

So far as we are concerned about Larron’s career, he has six credits as a producer and twelve credits as an actor. Besides, he has his career details published on the IMDb page. He has produced incredible movies like Beta Test in 2016, Business Ethics in 2019, and many more. His most recent endeavor is the TV show ‘Bronzeville,’ on which he has served as an executive producer since 2017.

His acting career began after he obtained a theater, film, and television degree at UCLA. After his graduation, he worked as a writer, which allowed him to work with 20th Century Fox Diversity Writing Program and Warner Brothers Studios.

Who is Larron Tate Brother, Larenz Tate? 

Larenz Tate is one of the youngest sons born to Larry and Peggy Tale. Born in the year 1975, he is just 45 years at the moment. Moreover, he is perhaps renowned for his role of Peter Waters in the movie Crash by Paul Haggis. That was one of his most critically acclaimed movies as he appeared with popular actors like Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle, and many more.

Besides, he began his acting career from “21 Jump Street” and “The Wonder Years.” At the same time, he has also appeared in a few music videos, such as R&B singer Ashanti’s “Rain on Me.” Furthermore, the actor is married to Tomasina Parrot and even has three children together.

Furthermore, he has earned an estimated worth of $ 4.5 million. He is financially stable and lives a joyous life where he also gives back to the community. He and two of his brothers have co-founded an organization named The Tate Bros, which helps children suffering from sickle cell anemia with what he has earned till now.

Larron Tate’s second brother Lahmard Tate

Lahmard is one of the Tate brothers who has also paved his way in the path of Hollywood. He has been performing since 1987 and has played a number of well-known roles as a young actor. His most famous works are BarbershopDon’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

Besides, his earliest appearances were in movies like Across the Tracks and Jason’s Lyric. He is no less than his two brothers as he also produces and directs movies like them. His fortune is incredible in 2021 and is going to rise in the upcoming days. As per our record, he has earned a sum of $ 16 million by his career.

Social Media Activities

Laron seems to be absent on most of the social media sites, except for Instagram. Meanwhile, on Instagram, he has more than 13.5k followers. Also, he doesn’t seem to be very active on the platform, but we can see him posing with his brothers and wife quite often.

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