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Priscila Joseph (Max Joseph Wife) Birthday, Net Worth and Wiki-Biography

Image of fashion blogger, Priscila Joseph

We all are familiar with American TV personality Max Joseph and his incredible works on and off the screen. Having hosted the famous reality show Catfish, Max gained immense fame in the US and worldwide. His life is transparent among us, but there is still a lot more to learn about his wife, Priscila Joseph. Thereby we present you with some exclusive information about his wife.

Who is Priscila Joseph?

Priscila is best known for being the wife of American filmmaker and Television host Max Joesph. However, she can also be introduced on her own. Professionally, Priscila is a fashion blogger and a wardrobe stylist. She took a fashion designer position in the MTV reality show Catfish: The TV Show. Furthermore, she can also be known as an online fashion expert who owed a fashion blog, “Majo Brasil.”

Priscial Joseph posing for photos in chair
Fashion blogger, Priscila Joseph.

Married Life with Her Husband, Max Joseph

Max and Priscila’s love story can seem quite fascinating to many of us. The couple first met in Europe, in a bar. According to Max, it seemed like they dated online before meeting each other in person. In an interview with PeopleTvwatch, Max said,

“Neither of us had ever really dated online, and her perspective involves a lot of observations about America-which is so refreshing for me when I talk to her because it forces me to see things through new eyes.”

Furthermore, they eventually dated for two years and tied their wedding knots on January 6, 2012, in a private wedding ceremony with minimal guests. On the occasion of their 9th wedding anniversary, Max posted a picture of him and his wife on his Instagram, with an intense caption expressing his love and respect for his soul mate. The couple has been together for 11 years now but hasn’t planned to have children yet. They want to focus on their career at the moment. However, they do have a dog named Simon, who gets to be featured on the Instagram account of Priscila.

Priscila Joseph in black dress with her husband, Max
Fashion designer in the MTV reality show, Priscila Joseph, and her husband, Max Joseph.

How Old Is Priscila Joseph? Her Birthday and Height

Max‘s wife, Priscila Joseph, is 42 years old and is turning 43 on August 20. According to her birthday, her zodiac sign is Leo. Besides, she was born in Brazil in the year 1978. Priscila holds a Brazilian nationality, even though she resides in the United States for now.

Her height and weight details are still scarce on the internet, as she has not gained public attention as much as her husband, Max. However, as we see her appearance, she looks attractive with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Priscila Joseph Net Worth

As we know, Priscila is not at the peak of her career, so we don’t expect her to have a worth of millions. However, it is quite impressive of her that she has earned herself a net worth of over $100,000 for being a fashion icon and a blogger. On the other hand, her husband, Max has an estimated net worth of more than $250,000. During his entire career, his most successful TV Show was Catfish: The TV Show, which had been airing since 2012, but Max left the show in 2020. Furthermore, he has twelve credits as a producer and thirteen credits as an editor. Hence, the couple definitely has a substantial amount for their living.

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