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Yaser Malik (Zayn Malik Father) Age, Bio, Wikipedia

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image of yaser malik who is the father of popular singer Zayn Malik

You have read about celebrity spouses a lot but this article is about a celebrity father and his life. He is Yaser Malik, father of the young worldwide British sensation Zayn Malik.

Zayn Malik is a young popular singer from Bradford, England born to Yaser Malik as his father and Trisha Malik as his mother.

We will share information about Zayn Malik’s father, Yaser Malik’s age, his married life, his age, bio-wiki, and other significant details about his life in this article.

Yaser Malik Age, Birthday and Bio

Yaser Malik is a British citizen with his ancestral root in Pakistan. Although he is Muslim by birth, he is not strict in religious faith, unlike other Muslims. Father of the One Direction star has gone through a lot of bashing on social media for not being faithful to the religion.

But all these things do not bother him. He believes in his faith and behaves as a liberal person when it comes to religious faith.

Yaser was born on September 10, 1969, in Pakistan. He is 52 years old as of 2021. Although he was born in Pakistan, he hasn’t revealed anything about his birthplace. Similarly, he has not also spoken about his parents.

Yaser Malik Wife Trisha Malik, Kids and Family

Yaser is married to his wife Trisha Malik (Tricia Brannan). Malik is a Pakistan-born Muslim guy while his wife, Tricia, is British. However, religion did not come in between them and they got married. After the marriage, Tricia willfully converted to Islam and became Trisha Malik.

Likewise, the couple has never revealed anything about their first encounter or their relationship details.

Although they have not revealed their wedding date, they have been in the married life for a long time. Their married life has welcomed four beautiful kids to their life. The couple has given birth to 3 daughters and a son.

Their son, Zayn Malik, is a star pop singer who has gained fame from the reality show The X-Factor 2010. He was only 17 years old then. Although he did not win the competition, he performed well to win the hearts of millions of his fans. Most important of all, the reality show allowed him to form a boy band called One Direction. The band became a sensation immediately and secured third place in the competition. In the later years, the band gained more popularity worldwide with more of their hit songs released.

The Malik couple has three daughters, Doniya Malik, Waliyha Malik, and Safaa Malik. Of their four children, three have already moved out including Zayn. The couple lives with their youngest daughter now in a gifted house from their son.

Yaser Malik with his wife Tricia Malik
Superstar Zyan Maliik’s father Yaser Malik with his wife.

Yaser Malik Is The Proud Father of Zayn Malik

As much has been discussed Yaser being the father of Zayn Malik, let’s talk more about their relationship here. Yaser is a great and supportive father in his son’s musical career. He knew that his son had the singing talent and could achieve something in music as his career.

Yaser and his wife Trisha kept encouraging their young son to keep singing. The father-son relation is a close one.

Yaser posts his son’s pictures regularly on his Instagram account. It shows how close the two are. He posts pictures of his daughters and says that he is proud of his girls.

The musical career that Zayn has been enjoying is all because of his parents’ support and motivation. Yaser supported his son in every way possible to achieve what he could not as a young boy.

Popular singer, Zayn Malik in black dress
English singer-songwriter, Zayn Malik.

Yaser Malik Net Worth

As the father of a celebrity singer, Yaser now enjoys a lavish lifestyle after his son rose to fame. The former One Direction star is about $65 million in his net worth while his father has around $500K.

Yaser Malik Didn’t Attend His Daughter’s Wedding

The 52-year old father of 4 children did not attend the wedding of his second daughter Waliyha Malik. He was not happy with Waliyha getting married to Junaid Khan who had served a 5-year sentence in jail for a carjacking incident.

Furthermore, he refused to attend the wedding ceremony that took just a few yards away from his home in Bradford.

Social Media Activities

Yaser Malik makes the best use of social media. He has an impressive Instagram account with 50.9K followers. He posts pictures of his children and family regularly on his account.

Similarly, the father of the celebrity singer also has a Facebook account where he seems to be less active.

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