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Agnes Hailstone, Husband Chip Hailstone, Net Worth, Tattoo, Daughter, Age

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Image of Agnes Hailstone, popular face of the series, Life below Zero

Life Below Zero reported the feeling of fear and fright among those who spend most of their time in the dense forests of Alaska, which are covered with cold snow. Approaching the risk of being dead every day, they came up with a strategy to survive every single day.

The lives of people are very shocking and full of wild monsters. BBC Worldwide has been paying attention to six such lives, which incorporate the sensational story of Agnes Hailstone and her husband, Chip Hailstone. Here we have gathered much information about Chip and his family, their net worth, and their daughter through this article. Stick with us till the end. Also, what is the reason behind Agnes’ tattoo on her chin?

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth and Career

Living Below Zero is something tremendous and unfortunate to imagine, but some groups have been doing it since forever. Agnes became the most famous person in this TV series, Life Below Zero, where she collaborated with faces such as Andy Basic. Agnes and her significant other have shown us the daily life in the Alaskan plains. She was seen in over 115 scenes of the show. She is a passionate hunter with huge rifles and blades that help her chase the wild and assemble her living. Hailstone claimed to have a Mosin Nagant, which is a five-shot military sniper rifle.

Moreover, Agnes also recently appeared on the stage of “The Price of Winter.” Agnes is also the head of a family organization called Caribou Arts and Adventures, which currently has no vitality.

Close to her beloved husband, Chip, Agnes was included in the BBC Global Report, attracting their most extreme fans and thus receive great praise. However, judging from the current situation, Hail has appeared in more than 100 scenes in the program.

In addition to appearing on the Discovery channel, she also appeared as an opponent in “Race against Time” settings.

Agnes Hailstone is Now Married to Chip Hailstone

Chip and Agnes are brave souls who live on the edge of nature. Chip and Agnes live along the Cobuk River in northwest Alaska and are surviving fierce hunters. The couple met when Chip traveled through Alaska. Their partnership was only temporary until Chip decided to stay in Alaska forever. Later, the couple married around 1992. Currently, they are parents of five children together. So far, their marriage has been enchanted.

Agnes Hailstone with her current husband, Chip Hailstone
The brave souls of the series “Life Below Zero,” Agne and Chip Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone was Previously Married

Agnes previously had a relationship with a man named Douglas J. Carter. Agnes even had two children with this puzzling man. The names of the teenagers they gave birth are Douglas and Jon.

Due to different marital problems, Agnes chose to end her relationship with Carter. Therefore, after the breakup, Agnes gained complete power over these teenagers and removed him from her life. Soon, she met Chip Hailstone, and the two established a fantastic relationship.

Daughter and Kids

Chip and Agnes, with their seven children, live by the Kobuk River in northwest Alaska. With her first husband, Agnes has two children, Douglas and John. In addition, with her current spouse, Chip, she has five daughters, Caroline, Qutan, Mary, Iriqtaq, and Tinmiaq. The whole family survives the land.

They chase the wild and hunt the fish on the ice to get their food. Although Hailstone continued to lead a traditional life, these young people were admitted to high school. The eldest girl taught herself at first and then went to a space school in Noovrik.  Iriqtaq moved from Noovrik High School. The youngest two, Caroline and Triptan, are also in school.

Agne Hailstone with her husband and children
Agne Hailstone with her husband, Chip Hailstone, and children

Husband Chip Hailstone Net Worth and Career

Chip was brought to the world by his parents, Daniel Franklin and Mary Lois. This handsome hulk was born on March 8, 1969, in Kalispell, Montana, USA. He spent his childhood in Kalispell, performing stunts and hunting.

Chip arrived in Alaska in 1988 and eventually stayed there permanently. He owns a classic 12-check and 0.22 rifles, bows, and bolts. In the midst of difficulties, Chip did not stop for a second, protecting his family. He performs the kill and then uses each part (such as fur and leather that can be exchanged for clothes).

The lifestyle of Chip Hailstone and his family was reported on Nat Geo’s scriptless TV show Life Below Zero. He has joined the crew since its launch in 2013. Mr. Hail has appeared in 129 scenes by 2020. Life Below Zero has 13 seasons starting in 2020, and we can expect him to be back another season. The show includes Sue Aikens, Jessi Holmes, Andy Bassich, and Erik Salitan, and Glenn Villeneuve.

The total assets of Chip and his other half, Agnes, are more than $250,000. His primary income comes from the reality show.

Agnes Hailstone Tattoo

Agnes’ tattoo is the four lines on her chin, which represents her origin. Since every tattoo has its importance, Hailstone’s tattoos usually show her character. It’s related to her being an Eskimo woman. These four lines ink in the face shows the maturity of Eskimo women like Agnes.

How Old is Agnes Hailstone? Age and Birthday

Agnes was brought to the world on the same day that Hurricane Agnes hit the United States. In this sense, her name is Agnes. Agnes Hailstone was born in Novik, Alaska, on June 14, 1972, and she was advised to turn 49 this year. Naturally, she was introduced to a group of hunters because her parents were fighting the weather in Alaska every time.

Agnes started chasing and trapping at a very young age. This was crucial for all men and women living in the wilderness of Alaska. She is an Eskimo lady who is born to preserve the practices and beliefs of her group. The tattoos on her face can see this.

Agnes is proficient in a variety of basic instincts, including chasing, gathering, and fishing. In fact, it is considering that she built her first cabin when she was a young woman. This is usually a design that still exists today.

Agnes has shown her culture and tradition to the whole world while being famous for her work. She is the pride of the Eskimo community.

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