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Aitana Derbez (Eugenio Derbez kid) Age, Parents and Biography

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Aitana Derbez looking pretty in red dress

Nowadays, we can see many kids drawing public attention as soon as they are born. These are the celebrity kids that fans and admirers are crazy about and want to keep track of their every information from the very beginning of their childhood. Aitana Derbez belongs to such a category of kids. Below, we present you with some facts about her age and parents.

Who is Aitana Derbez? Age and Birthday

We can introduce Aitana as the celebrity daughter of Alessandra Rosaldo and Eugenio Derbez. The young one is also a child actor, and her participation in the reality show De Viaje Con Los Derbez has been warming our hearts. She is soon turning seven, as she was born on August 4, 2014.

Aitana Derbez Parents, siblings, and Family

We regard Aitana as a lucky celebrity kid, as she is born in a family of artists. Her mother Alessandra Rosaldo is a singer, and her father Eugenio Derbez is an actor. Undoubtedly, their daughter has impeccable genes inherited from their parents and is already walking in their path at such a young age. The family of three seems to enjoy their blissful life.

Aitana doesn’t have her biological siblings, but she is a stepsister to three of Eugenio’s children. Eugenio conceived her with Gabriela Michel in 1987, and she is now 34 years. She is a prominent Mexican actress who initially started her career as a model. Some of her famous works include Happy Hour and Derbez en Cuanto.

Moreover, Aitana has a brother named Vadhir Alejandro Gonzalez, who is currently 30 years of age. Like father, like son, he also happens to be a successful actor. He has worked in Films like No refunds and Television Series like Love Came, Cheating Loves, How Poor so Rich, and Miss XV: Dream Princess.

Aitana Derbez’s father’s previous relationships

Eugenio was first married to Victoria Ruffo in 1991. They split up in 1996 for undisclosed reasons. Furthermore, he had been in an intimate relationship with Dalilah Planco since 2003, but the relationship did not last more than three years. Other than that, there are no revelations about his past dating life and affairs.

Aitana Derbez father Eugenio Derbez Net Worth and Wiki 

Eugenio Derbez has a successful career as an eminent actor, filmmaker, and also comedian. He began his career in the 1980s and is still trending in the market. The man is popularly recognized for the movie’ Instructions Not Included’ which he interestingly directed, co-wrote, and acted. The movie gained immense love in the Spanish entertainment industry. Until now, he has performed and made dozens of films. He has also received various awards like Premio ACE for Best First Work.

The entertainment industry has been very gracious towards him and has awarded him with a colossal sum. According to the source, Eugenio’s net worth is expected to be in the range of $35 Million.

Highlighting on his Wikipedia details, the celebrated actor was born on September 2, 1961, and is 59 years as of now. His mother is also a well-known actress, and she has always supported him since he began performing at the age of twelve. In contrast, his father is a publicist, which is quite different from acting. His father has always respected his profession and has supported him with advice and opinions.

Aitana Derbez smiling happy with her husband, Eugenio
Famous child actor Aitana Derbez and her father, Eugenio Derbez

Mother Alessandra Rosaldo

Aitana’s mum, Alessandra Rosaldo, is a well-recognized singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Now an accomplished media personality, she began her career at only 12 years. Also, her singing career was highly inspired by her father, Jaime Sanchez Rosado, a pop musician producer. She has her pop music band called Sentidos Opuestos and has recorded millions of songs.

Some of her well-known roles are visible on ’Aventuras en el Tiempo’, ‘Salmoe’,and ‘Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti.’ Further, she has served the telenovela sector since 1999. She also won awards for her acting as well as singing.

Talking about her personal details, Born on September 11, 1971, she is now 49 years. She is the eldest daughter of the family and has two younger sisters who have always been very close. Moreover, she is fluent in Spanish, German, and English language.

Aitana Derbez looking happy with her mother, Alessandra
Famous child actor Aitana Derbez and her mother, Alessandra Rosaldo

Social Media Activities

Only six years, but Aitana’s social media presence is imposing. She is on Instagram as @aitana_derbez and has 508k followers on her handle, more than some renowned celebrities. Also, her account must be managed by her parents as she still a little girl. Likewise, talking about her Instagram posts, they usually featured her photos with her beloved family members.


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