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Alec Steele Wife, Age, Net Worth and Wiki-Bio Facts

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Image of a YouTuber and blacksmith, Alec Steele

Alec Steele is a YouTuber and blacksmith by profession. He has gained popularity for his YouTube videos about blacksmithing. We are going to explore some personal facts about this skilled and famous blacksmith in this article. Learn more about his age, net worth, and wiki-bio in this review. Also, find out about his wife.

Who is Alec Steele? Bio

Alec is a skilled blacksmith who shows his skills to the world through YouTube videos. He was born in Norwich, England in on November 16, 1997. We have no information about his parents, though.

Inspired by a local blacksmith, he decided to become a blacksmith. He was only 11 years old when he decided to take up the unconventional profession.

He was captivated by the blacksmithing talents he had witnessed on a presentation in which a blacksmith, James Spedding, shaped heated steel into a lovely necklace.

Even though Alec is a British citizen, he lives in Montana, USA, and owns a forging shop. He makes videos about his forging skills and shares them with the audience through YouTube, where he has 2.35 million subscribers. He is also an entrepreneur and has an interest in the business.

Is Alec Steele married to a wife or dating a girlfriend?

Alec is not married yet. However, he has a girlfriend, and he is engaged to her. But he has not spoken about who his girlfriend is, nor has he given any other clues about her.

Although he has not revealed anything about his girlfriend, he posted on his Facebook page in July 2019 that he got engaged. He has also uploaded a video on YouTube where he is making an engagement ring for his fiancée.

Image of a YouTuber as well as blacksmith, Alec Steele
A YouTuber and blacksmith by profession, Alec Steele making an engagement ring for his fiancee

How old is Alec Steele?

Alec is 24 years old in 2021. Still a young guy by his age, he has accomplished so much in the field of blacksmithing. He has become a legend with his works.

Net Worth and Income

Alec earns a good amount of money from his forging business. He also earns hefty revenue from his YouTube channel. Steele forges and sells steel weapons from his shop and website. In addition to still weapons, he also sells merchandise.

With a lucrative income, Alec Steele’s net worth is about $1 million.

Social Media Activities

As a YouTube celebrity, Alec is active on other social media as well. He posts regularly on Instagram, where he has 340k followers by the time we prepare this article. Alec also has a Facebook page with 68k followers and a Twitter account with 21.4k followers. Of all the social media accounts and pages, he is more active on Instagram. 


NameAlec Steele
Date of BirthNovember 16, 1997
Place of BirthNorwich, England
Currently Lives inMontana, USA
ProfessionBlacksmith, YouTuber
Marital StatusEngaged

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