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Alex Bregman Wife Reagan Howard Wiki-Biography

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Image of America's finest Baseball player, Alex Bregman

In December 2020, America’s finest Baseball player, Alex Bregman married his beloved Reagan Howard in a restricted ceremony.

“We were planning to have a big wedding in La Cantera Resort, but the chaos of COVID-19 made us to amend our plans”,

Alex said in an interview.

Alex and his wife Reagan even had to sue the venue as they refused to refund their $80,000 deposit. Eventually, they tied the knot in the backward of Reagan’s house.

Well, congratulations to the newlywed.

Who is Reagan Howard?

Reagan Howard was a Business Development & Customer Enablement at Google. Now, she is working as a professional guidance provider, helping others with her knowledge. But her real fame comes to attention after Alex Bregman accounted for their dating life. The two met in a friend’s house and started dating 3 or 4 days later. Since then, Reagan has been in the eyes of the media.

Reagan Howard Wiki.

Reagan was born on 26 August 1994 at her parent’s house in Mandeville (Louisiana, United States). Her parents Rick and Rachel raised their only child Reagan with much love. Once, she said, “I wish I had some siblings to spend my childhood with. I definitely miss having them.”

Reagan believed in the magic of education from a very young age. She completed her higher education at Belair High School and then joined Texas A&M University.

Immediately after graduation, Reagan started to work with Google. But she left her dream organization after some time and worked as a professional guidance provider. Reagan let the academies lead her to glory as she grew up to be Google’s employee.

Wedding and Married life with Alex Bregman.

Alex Bregman kneeled before his girlfriend during the family trip to Colorado. The two were dating for a long time before they decided to get hitched.

Reagan said that her first encounter with Alex was at the time when she was working for Google. At the weekend, she drove to her friend’s house in Houston and met Reagan at dinner. The two immediately caught each other’s attention in the very first meeting and started to date soon.

Image of America's finest Baseball player, Alex Bregman and his wife Reagan Howard

The couple were engaged in January 2020 and are planning for a big wedding. Unfortunately, they couldn’t celebrate the sweetness of their love admits of Covid. Later in December 2020, they held a private ceremony with only a couple of guests at the backyard of Reagan’s parent’s home.

Reagan announced her marriage on social media with a post,

“Married to my best friend”.

The two definitely looked adorable in their wedding photos.

How old is Alex Bregman Wife Reagan Howard? Her Height and Body Measurements

The beautiful wife of Alex Bregman is 27 years old. Standing five feet and seven inches tall, her looks are very much appreciated. With hazel eyes and body measurements of 32-26-32 inches, she looks hot in every picture. Her current weight is about 52 kg. Reagan is a true definition of “beauty with mind”; she has a body model and the mind of a brilliant businesswoman.

Net Worth and Income

Reagan’s husband, Alex Bregman, is quite rich with a net worth of almost 5.5 million dollars. But Reagan is herself a very hard-working woman with a net worth of $ 1.5 million US dollars.

Lastly, Alex Bregman and his Wife Reagan Howard look very adorable together. May they live up to the fairy tales of “happily ever after”.

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