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Alex Van Halen Net Worth. Wife Stine Schyberg and Exes.

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Image of American artist, Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen is an American musician, a drummer, and co-founder of the rock and roll band ‘Van Halen.’ Van Halen was quite a hit music in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. This article reveals facts about Alex’s wife Stine Schyberg and their marriage. Also, know his net worth.

Age and Date of Birth.

Alexander Arthur Van Halen was born on May 8, 1953, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It means that he is currently 67 years old.

His zodiac sign is Taurus, and he shares this and his birth date with other celebrities like rapper Tekashi 6IX9INE, actor Stephen Amell, and basketball player Kemba Walker.

His family.

Alex is the late Jan van Halen’s son, a renowned jazz saxophonist, and clarinet player, and the late Eugenia van Beers. The family moved to Pasadena, CA, in the US in 1962, where Alex and his brother became naturalized citizens.

The brothers were taught how to be classical pianists by their father from an early age, although Alex always had a passion for drumming.

He had actually been given a guitar and his brother a drum kit, but as fate would have it, the brothers ended up switching to the instruments they were passionate about.

Net Worth.

Alex van Halen earned most of his wealth through the singles and albums that he produced. Van Halen and his band have made several great albums. These include titles like “Diver Down,” “Van Halen II,” “Van Halen III,” and “A Different Kind of Truth.”

One more notable hit was an instrumental, “Respect the Wind,” that Alex and Eddie produced outside the band for the film “Twister” in 1996.

This earned both of them a good amount of money. The band has secured a 4x Platinum rating by Music Canada and a Diamond rating by the RIAA.

The band has sold over 80 million albums across the globe and over 50 million in America alone. As of 2021, Alex Van Halen’s net worth sits at about $110 million.


Alex van Halen has a $2 million house in Beverly Hills, CA, that he purchased in 1997; he also owns some real estate.

Marriage and Relationships.

Alex van Halen has been involved in marriage three times.

Alex Van Halen is now married to his wife Stine Schyberg.

Stine Schyberg was born on May 19th, 1953, in New York. Currently, she is 67-years old. Stine is an art director, production designer, and celebrity wife. She and her husband, Alex, have been married for over two decades now.

One of their relationship highlights came last year as the couple was involved in an altercation with another passenger while on a plane. Alex wanted to sit next to his wife, but the man in between them was unwilling to let him do so.

They downgraded to Business class to avoid an argument. Alex married his current wife, Stine Schyberg, in 2000, and they have a son, Malcolm Van Halen.

Image of renowned musician, Alex Van Halen and his wife
The co-founder of the rock band Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, with his wife, Stine Schyberg

First Wife Valeri Kendall.

Van Halen’s first wife was a woman named Valerie Kendall. She was born on May 22nd, 1962, in Norfolk, Virginia. Presently, she is set to turn 59 in 2021.

According to some sources, Valerie was a former actress who also dealt with a few drug problems. She and Alex tied the knot in 1983, but remarkably, they only stayed together for three months before going their separate ways.

Second Wife, Kelly Van Halen.

Alex was also married to Kelly Carter in 1984 but then again divorced her in August 1996 after living together for 12 years. They had a son, Aric Van Halen, born on 6th October 1989.

Alex Van Halen’s Wiki-bio and Facts.

NameAlexander Arthur van Halen
Age67 years
Date of BirthMay 8, 1953
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height6ft (183 cm)
OccupationRock and Roll band drummer
Spouse(s)Valeri Kendall (m. 1983, div. 1983)

Kelly Carter (m. 1984, div. 1996)

Stine Schyberg (m. 2000)

ChildrenAric van Halen

Malcolm van Halen

Net Worth$110 million

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