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Alexis Roderick: Age and Facts about Billy Joel’s Wife

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Images of the fourth wife of Billy Joel, Alexis Roderick

As part of writing about celebrities and their spouses, we have chosen beautiful Alexis Roderick, the wife of famous musician Billy Joel. This article focuses on sharing as much information as we can about the celebrity wife.

Alexis is the fourth wife of Billy Joel and is a person of low profile, unlike his ex-wives. Thus, exploring and learning more about the beautiful Alexis will be quite interesting.

Who is Alexis Roderick? Early Life

Before getting married to Billy Joel, Alexis was living a low-profile life. She is a beautiful woman of Caucasian ethnicity and was born in the USA. However, more information about her birthplace is yet to come out.

After marrying the popular musician Billy Joel, she came to the spotlight, who is also commonly famous as ‘The Piano Man.’ So, most of the information about her life before marriage has been under a veil. There are no sources to find information about her father and mother and also about early life.

But, we now know that she is a professional equestrian and has been successful in her profession. Although she had not been into any public attention before her marriage with the legendary musician, she had achieved so much in her career.

Even though we are unaware of her school education, we know that she had graduated from Stony Brook University in New York. She graduated in economics and politics. The beautiful wife of Billy has also worked as an executive at Morgan Stanley that is a banking investment company.

Alexis Roderick looking beautiful with her husband, Billy Joel
The popular musician Billy Joel and his wife, Alexis Roderick

Alexis Roderick Age

The equestrian is 39 years old in 2021. Although we do not know of her birthday, we know that the year of her birth is 1982. The beautiful woman of Irish descent is 33 years younger than her husband, who is 72 years now as he was born in 1949.

Although the couple has a huge age difference of 33 years, they have been living quite a happy life.

Alexis Roderick is married to Husband Billy Joel

The equestrian and the ‘Piano Man’ tied their nuptial knot in 2015. It is believed that the two were in a relationship for quite a long time before changing their status to a married couple. They converted six years of dating relationship into married life on 04 July 2015.

Alexis came into Billy’s life as his fourth wife. The legendary musician has failed in three of his previous marriages. As per the sources, the two were close friends for a long time, even before they started dating each other. Their first meeting was in a restaurant, and the meeting developed into a friendship and dating relationship and finally into married life. They share a long story.

The couple had exchanged their vows in the Long Island in the presence of their close friends and relatives. After staying in a relationship with the legendary American musician, Alexis left her job as an executive at Morgan Stanley.

Later on, she started her horse ranch, which she still looks after, and keeps a collection of high-quality horse breeds. She has achieved so much success as an equestrian and possesses the horses as a proud owner.

Alexis Roderick Kids with Husband Billy Joel

From a happily married life with her husband, Billy Joel, the beautiful celebrity has become a mother of two kids. The coupled had their first daughter in 2015 when they welcome Della Rose Joel into the world. She was the first daughter to Billy and Alexis, but she was the second child to Billy. Alexis gave birth to their second child in 2017. Remy Anne Joel came into the world as the second daughter of Billy and Alexis together.

Billy has a daughter from his previous marriage. He became a father for the first time in 1985 when his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, gave birth to Alexa Ray Joel. Billy and Christie were husband and wife from 1985 to 1994. Christie is a popular American model of her time.

The couple adores the kids and loves to spend time with them. Billy is always around their young kids. While his oldest daughter is already a name in his music career, the younger ones are giving him the feeling of new fatherhood.

Alexis Roderick smiling with her husband and kids
Alexis Roderick and her husband, Billy Joel, and their kids

Alexis Roderick Husband Billy was previously married thrice

When Alexis came into Billy’s life as his wife, she was the fourth woman to take that place. His three previous marriages sadly failed even after staying for long as husband and wife. Although he has made a successful career as a musician, he could not make his married life successful.

The legendary musician first got into married life in 1973 with Elizabeth Weber. The two divorced in 1982. Billy got married for the second time in 1985 to Christie Brinkley and shared a daughter, Alexa, with her. But, again, sadly, they parted their ways in 1994.

After separating from Christie, he stayed single until 2004, when he married Katie Lee only to end the relationship in 2009.

With his record of being a divorced man for three times already, Billy had been unlucky when it came to women in his life. His married life did not go well with three women previously.

But the relationship with Alexis that started in 2009 as a dating relationship has been a great one so far. After the couple’s marriage in 2015, there has been no dispute between the husband and wife that we know of.

They have been in an amazing married life with two daughters together.

Alexis Roderick Net Worth and Career

Alexis has worked in the finance and investment sector for a long time as a successful executive. She was with the prestigious Morgan Stanley before meeting Billy. She has also been a successful equestrian and owner of a horse ranch.

With her career in finance and as an equestrian own of a horse ranch, she is about $5 million in net worth. And, on top of that, she also enjoys the $180 million net worth of her husband.

Husband Billy Joel’s Career

Billy Joel is a legendary name in music. The 72-year old American music legend has had a tremendously successful career. The musician who came into the limelight from his hit number ‘Piano Man’ has done so much in music that makes him the true legend.

Billy is the name in music that doesn’t require any introduction. He has lived a successful life as a musician.

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