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Alicia Allain (John Schneider Wife) Net Worth, Age, Bio

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John Schneider Wife, Alicia Allian

Alicia Allain is a film producer who has inspired many souls with her success story. She started from the rubbles and is known as one of the finest film producers in the United States and the wife of actor, screenwriter John Schneider. The power couple has been working together for almost seven years now to entertain us. While their career details are publicly found on the internet, complete details about their personal life, age, net worth are still undocumented. Hence, let’s spare a moment to explore Alicia Allain’s biography in this article.

Alicia Allain Net Worth and Income

John Schneider’s wife Alicia has a substantial fortune for herself as a celeb wife and film producer. She released her first movie in 1995, but before this, she used to be a hairstylist. As per our research, she has accumulated a net worth of $400,000 for herself. This amount comes from her successful career for more than two decades.

How old is Alicia Allain? Age and Birthday

Born on July 14, 1969, Alicia Allain is currently 52 years of age. She has American Citizenship, as she was born in South Louisiana, United States. Still, her early life details are not documented till now, as she came into prominence after marrying the actor John Schneider.

However, we know that she was raised in Southern Louisiana by her parents. Also, she had a dream of working in Hollywood from the time she was in second grade. Furthermore, she moved to Los Angeles to make her dream come true and started as a movie hairstylist.

Alicia Allain married life with her husband, John Schneider.

Alicia Allain married John Schneider on September 25, 2019. The Caged Fear actress stayed away from Hollywood for a year after working at Robert Evans Company in 2013. Still, later, she returned to the industry in 2014, when the couple met each other. Their first meeting was when they decided on some work-related issues to mark her comeback in Hollywood. Ever since then, they worked as a business partner and fell in love eventually. The power-couple has produced some great movies like Anderson Bench, Like Son, and Bad Blood.

Alicia Allain with her husband, John Schneider
Alicia Allain with her husband, John Schneider

Furthermore, the duo married each other in John Schneider Studios, Louisiana. Their friends and family witnessed the wedding in an outdoor event. However, their marriage hasn’t been legalized as John’s divorce from her ex-wife has not been finalized due to some long-standing issues.

Alicia Allain was previously married.

We know that John Schneider has been married thrice, but few know that Alicia was also married once before. She was married to Patrick Dollard, but their relationship crumbled after five years(1994-1999). She also shares a child with her ex-husband, but they have kept the identity of their child secret. The couple never mentioned the reason behind their separation. However, Alicia mentions that her ex-husband played a significant role in her success as he was there with her throughout her early career.


Alicia first entered the Hollywood world as a hairstylist. She met the film producer Rafaela De Laurentis, who has produced some great movies like Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story, and many more during her work. He was the one who elevated her career, and finally, she started working as a movie producer. She upgraded to a movie producer in 1995 and produced her first movie, Notes from Underground.

In 2002, she released The Badge and Auto Focus which was widely loved by many. Later, her ex-husband arranged her meeting with a famous film producer Rover Evans, and within a short time, she became the president of Robert Evans’ company. Later, she left the company, took a year break, and again returned to the industry. According to her IMDb, she has around 19 credits as a producer. She has produced great movies like The Badge, Stand on It, Caged Fear, and many more.

John Schneider's wife, Alicia Allain
John Schneider’s wife, Alicia Allain

Alicia Allain was Diagnosed with Cancer

At the age of 50, Alicia Allain had Breast cancer that had spread to her bones. The news devastated John as he had been through many things in his life, and this was one of the hardest phases of his life. The couple went through traditional therapy and incorporated a high-fat, low-carb keto diet and holistic supplements. Later, they underwent treatment, and thankfully, Alicia has been cancer-free as of now, and thanks to everyone for their wishes and support they poured into her.

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