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Alpha M (Aaron Marino) Wife, Net Worth, Height, Age

Image of a YouTuber, Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino is a YouTuber and serial entrepreneur. He is popular as Alpha M amongst his audience. Born in Philadelphia in 1976, Marino is of Italian descent.

Marino creates content on men’s fashion and uploads it on his YouTube channel, Alpha M. The contents on his channel have established him as a men’s fashion consultant. He had gone through a challenging childhood as he faced his parents’ divorce. Who is his wife?

He went through several cases of abuse and traumatic incidents as a child but grew up as a strong man eventually. We will explore more about this popular YouTuber’s married life, net worth, age, and other facts.

Alpha M is married to his wife, Tracey Woodard

Alpha M is married to beautiful Tracey Woodard. They have been together for 18 years now and living an amazingly happy life. Their dating stories have been interesting. In an interview with her husband, Tracey revealed that the first gift Alpha gave her was a pair of the flip flop. He brought the gift when he visited her house for the first time.

Alpha and Tracey know each other and are in a relationship for 19 years now. They were in a dating relationship since 2002 and got married in 2007. Alpha never shows his wife in his videos, giving her the privacy of her life.

The reason, he says, is the negativity that comes on social media. He went through that a lot, and he did not want somebody he loved to go through the same. So, he keeps her information private.

Initially, many people speculated on his sexuality and thought him to be gay. He got over all these speculations and negativities that come on social media. Surviving through all those moments, he has thrived to become a successful YouTuber with 6.37 Million subscribers with millions of views on his videos.

And, his wife, Tracey, has been a major part of his journey. She has seen him suffer and lose everything in the initial days of his career. She stayed by his side, motivating and supporting him to pursue his dream.

Image of a YouTuber and serial entrepreneur, Alpha M and his wife
The renowned YouTuber and serial entrepreneur Alpha M with his beloved wife, Tracey Woodard

Alpha M Net Worth and Income

The graduate from the University of Virginia has seen many bad days to reach where he is today. While he was starting his entrepreneurial career, he was struggling financially. He had a tough time staying afloat at that time.

But, he stuck to his dream even through the challenging times. Despite all the financial odds, he persevered, and he has achieved a whopping net worth of $4 Million today.

Apart from being a famous YouTuber with many subscribers, he owns several companies like Pete & Pedro and Enemy Eyewear. He makes good money also from his YouTube channel.

How old is Alpha M? His Birthday and Height.

Alpha M is 45 years old now. He was born on May 19th, 1976. He is a short guy for an American. The lifestyle guru is only 5′ 6.5“/1.68m tall. The energy he shows in his videos is extremely motivating. He spreads an abundance of positive vibes through his videos.


The couple does not have any kids yet, even after such a long time of marriage. They got married when they were in their 30s, and both were career-focused. His wife is also a hardworking and career-oriented woman, and Alpha is also of the same nature.

Once his wife had thought of having kids since Alpha is the only child. To keep the family in line, they were giving it a thought to have children. But, they both decided not to have kids.

Children have never been the priority of the couple. They love what they have been doing in their life.

Social Media Activities

Apart from making YouTube videos, Alpha is also quite active on other social media. He has a Facebook page with 25K followers where he updates regularly. His Instagram account is even more impressive, with 636K followers. He keeps all his social media accounts updated and connects with his followers.

Full nameAaron Peter Marino
Nick NameAlpha M
Date of BirthMay 19th, 1976
Marital Statusmarried
ProfessionYouTuber, serial Entrepreneur
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, USA
SpouseTracey Woodard
Education University of West Virginia
EthnicityItalian American

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