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Amanda Martin (Iron Resurrection) Age, Facts about Joe Martin Wife.

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Image of Iron Resurrection's Amanda Martin

Being successful is the desire of every people. The inbuilt desire to succeed is to proceed forward by strong motivation, unique ideas, and consistent reality. We will get you through the success of Amanda Martin and the very successful reality TV show ‘Iron Resurrection.’ The show put forward a great idea about restoring old rusted vehicles and making them brand new again. Let us know more about her and the show Iron Resurrection.

Who is Amanda Martin? Early Life

Amanda is a successful, dedicated, professional, and intelligent woman. This co-owner of Master Bros custom is an inspiration to many women. She co-owns this restoration outfit of motor vehicle along.  Her husband Joe is the primary owner. They have earned fame as motorheads celebrity through their TV reality show, ‘Iron Resurrection.’

Amanda landed on this world in 1973. She has not revealed educational institutions except for Red Oak High school. She was Vice President Branch Manager in Wells Fargo from 2007 to 2011. Soon, she made her way to the Assistant VP for Branch Manager.  This was during Martin’s work in Pioneer Bank over Austin, Texas. Later on, Mrs. Martin was promoted to Product Manager in the year 2016.

How old is she? Age and Birthday

Amanda martin celebrates her birthday on 11th December every year. She was born in 1973, so, currently, she is 46 years old.


Amanda is also known as Mandi. Reality TV star Amanda martin was formerly a banker. Matin’s high school Red Oak high in texas, marked some of her golden days. Soon, Amanda worked for Wells Fargo, a renowned name in the financial world. Working for four years, Marting joined from March 2007. Her career then took off with quick promotion.

Amanda left the financial sector and joined her husband’s business as well as the TV show. She and her husband are millions with the ownership of automobile building and customization business. Martin Bros Customs has its brand name. 

When Discovery channel found about their business, the couple was featured in the reality show ‘Iron Resurrection.’ Soon, Martin’s couple became the co-stars. This show improved Martin Bros Customs’ popularity to another level.

They now have their own branded merchandise, including face caps, T-shirts, and other more items. Iron Resurrection goes all over Texas Countryside in search of old motorcycles/ cars that they can fix again. After their flawless custom as per the client’s budget, the vehicle turns new.

At the show, Amanda shows her works to perfection. The success of the venture is on her shoulders. She searches old vehicles, buys them, and restores import spare parts to promote the show.

Joe and his crew restoration members repair a vehicle, and Amanda promotes the car’s sale. She is the person responsible for the accounting of their company. Her rising career is the result of hard work and dedication. Amanda Martin, Iron Resurrection, currently has a net worth of $710,000.

Iron Resurrection's Amanda Martin saying something
Host of the successful reality TV show ‘Iron Resurrection’, Amanda Martin

A Short story about the rising of Iron Resurrection

Iron Ressurection‘ was first aired was 2016 and gained tremendous success over a short time. This reality TV show deals with the cast of martin, her husband Joe, and Joe’s brother Jason. They find vehicles that other people consider as junk and turn them into usable by reconditioning them.

When Discovery approached Joe seeking some thrilling materials for Velocity Channel, he couldn’t deny it. After some time, it got out with the name Motor Trend Network. The Martin brother’s teaser gained the unexpected response that leads to the born of Iron Resurrection was born. 

For five years, they handled the behind-the-camera stuff. Being a producer, Joe and his friend, Jayson “Shag,” put their effort into the cars. With her knowledge from the banking section, Amanda could negotiate the damaged cars for cheap rates.

The show premiered in April 2016 on the Velocity channel based out of Austin, Texas. The tv show shows Mandi, Joe, and the crew as they scour towards the Texas countryside for different types of mechanical items, such as rusted roadsters, damaged cars, and bikes that are all busted up. 

What they have found, the group does a great job by resurrecting them and making them look attractive amazing, and all good. The business gets financial support from its television content and technology from other automotive companies.

The show is entirely based on reality and is not dramatic. They have come up with four seasons and getting crazy views on the TV. Well, we don’t know if the fifth season will ever be made or not. But the fans will definitely be happy to see the best car reality show around the world.

Amanda Martin is married to Joe Martin

Mandi or Amanda is married to Joe Martin. Their relationship and date of marriage are unknown. Feature in Iron Resurrection, they now live in Johnson City, Texas. Their trust goes from home to the workplace, building a family and workplace both at a time. We can say that Amanda is the woman behind Joe’s success.

We have very little information about their kids. They have three children together. Sadly, their youngest child has been diagnosed with cancer. No further update about Martin’s child is available.

Amanda Martin with her husband, Joe
Makers of reality TV show Iron Resurrection, Amanda and her husband Joe Martin

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