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Andy Bassich Net Worth, Ex-wife Kate Rorke Bassich, Girlfriend, Age, Accident, and Wiki

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Images of American actor, Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich is a famous American television series actor and a professional musher. The Ex-husband of Kate Rorke Bassich got more recognition for his role in ‘Life below Zero’ on National Geographic. Although he has made his name as a television personality, he is more famous for being the ex-husband of Kate.

The National Geographic star’s birthplace is Washington DC and birth year is 1958. He grew up in Maryland. It is unclear who the TV personality’s parents are. He has kept quiet about his parents, so there is nothing to share about them.

Net Worth

‘Life below Zero’ Star has done many popular television series over the years. But before turning into a television personality, he had taken up several jobs like a carpenter, cabinet maker, gardener, musher, etc.

His love for traveling and exploring nature has taken him to different places. With the past jobs that he had taken and as a television star, he earns a decent amount, if not staggering. His net worth is about $300k and enjoying much of what he has achieved.

Andy Bassich was married to Kate Rorke before a Divorce in 2016

Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke have lived a life as husband and wife for over a decade. The ex-husband and wife met in 2003 and married subsequently. However, the date of their wedding is unclear. They moved miles away from the city into a rural region of Alaska near the Yukon River after their marriage.

They both appeared in the television documentary ‘Life below Zero’ that brought them to the limelight. The Bassich couple had started working as mushers in the alpine climate of Alaska. They were doing quite well in their business and life until 2015.

But, all of a sudden, the couple announced that they were going to part ways. They told it in one of the ‘Life below Zero’ series. The couple who were adventurous life in Alaska finally separated in 2016.

Andy Bassich smiling with his ex-wife
Famous American television series actor Andy Bassich and his Ex-wife, Kate Rorke Bassich

Is Andy Bassich currently dating a girlfriend, Denis Becker?

After separating from Kate Rorke, Andy is most likely in a relationship with a new girlfriend, Denis Becker. Although the life of rural Alaska-native is pretty remote on media, we can assume that the two have been enjoying their adventurous life.

He met Denis in Florida while he was there for his hip injury treatment in 2018. The Alaskan musher had a severe accident that had caused a hip injury. He had to go to Florida for the treatment since it was not possible in Alaska.

What had happened to Andy?

Living an adventurous life in rural Alaska, running his mushing business, and filming for the documentary, Andy enjoyed his life. But, unfortunately, he got into a serious accident during the shooting of the series in 2018.

The accident caused him a hip injury that needed some serious treatment. It compelled the TV series star to take a hiatus and travel to Florida for treatment. He couldn’t recover from staying in the gruelingly chilly weather of Alaska.

He needed to go through serious treatment for his severe injury, so he spent six months in Florida.

Age and Bio

The Washington DC-born Musher and television star, Andy, is 63 years old now. A strong man with incredible survival instincts, he spent his early life in Maryland. Although there’s no information about his schooling, it is evident that the TV celebrity attended John F. Kennedy High School. The detail about his further education has been under a veil.

Andy Bassich Career

The famous TV series star started his career in carpentry in his early days, and he eventually got success as a musher. He and his ex-wife, Kate, established a successful business as mushers in Alaska. His success in mushing brought him the opportunity to cast in the ‘Life below Zero.’

He has traveled throughout America and seen different places in the country. Of all the places in the US that he has traveled to, he loved Alaska more and settled there. As a nature-loving person, he likes the wilderness of nature. He chose to live in the remote wilderness of Alaska and work as a musher.

The successful musher has kept his life away from social media. He doesn’t use them. He loves spending time in nature looking after his sled dogs instead. The 63-year old star enjoys the adventurous life he has been living more than any modern luxuries.

His role in the television series Life Below Zero made him renowned for living in a remote Alaskan town rather than the lavish urban life he might have chosen.

Andy Bassich looking bold in black outfit
Famous American television series actor, Andy Bassich

Height and Weight

The 63-year old National Geographic star is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. With an average height for an American, he weighs 91 kilograms. He possesses quite a strong body and mindset to live in the challenging wilderness of Alaska.

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