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Who Is Anthony Jeselnik Wife/Girlfriend? His Net Worth and Family

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Image of a well-known American comedian and producer, Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik is one of the most loved comedians the world has ever witnessed. He is the ex-lover of the Hollywood actress Amy Schumer. Anthony is very personal about his love life and family and tries to live a lowkey life. However, he has managed to make headlines with his witty humor. Find more about this excellent presenter and how much he earns below. Know more about Anthony Jeselnik and his girlfriend, and their relationship.

Who is Anthony Jeselnik?

Image of a renowned American comedian and producer, Anthony Jeselnik
A renowned comedian and producer, Anthony Jeselnik.

 Anthony Jeselnik is a well-known American comedian and producer, mainly famous for his sarcastic humor in the most straightforward thing possible. He is the man behind Jimmy Fallon’s perfect timing jokes and opening lines during his first late-night show session. However, Anthony Hesselink had to pass over one of the biggest gigs because his dark humor seemed a little off for the show, which had many big-shot guests.

Meanwhile, he booked the other hit show, ‘Comedy Central,’ which became one of his best career decisions. Ever since the show, he has risen to fame and has earned a name in the comedy genre. He was making the headlines when he roasted the American’s most hated president, Donald Trump.

Additionally, Anthony Hesselink kept his shows going in Charlie Sheen and Roseanne Bar. Later he started his show, The Jeselnik Offensive, and lined his second album named Caligula. Furthermore, 2015 turned to be his most good year as he landed a new job as a host of NBC’s Emmy Awards, replacing BB  Smoove.

Is Anthony Jeselnik Married or Dating a Girlfriend?

Anthony Hesselink is a man of many laughter when it comes to burning someone else with his witticism, but never has he been so confident to talk about his love life in public. Currently, it is believed that he is single and might be ready to mingle; nonetheless, there is no news of him being a married man.

Anywho, being in the public eyes, no secret can be hidden as Anthony’s relationship with the fellow comedian turned actress Amy Schumer was leaked in 2009. The couple became one of the hottest gossips. They were very much in love and were seen side by side with each other.

Reason Behind the Breakup 

Being in the limelight and constantly been looked over and followed by paparazzi is no piece of cake. Similarly, when Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer decided to part ways, the journalists bombarded with questions asking for the reasons for their breakup, as there is always a two side to the story.  According to Schumer, they didn’t have a particular reason for the split; despite having no drama, she did admit he was not much involved in the relationship. Anthony, too, said they were not a perfect match and had their ups and downs.

Image of a well-known American comedian and producer, Anthony Jeselnik and ex-grlfriend
A well-known comedian, Anthony Jeselnik, and ex-girlfriend, Amy Schumer.

Likewise, the pair still are in good talking terms and are friends; they always have nice things to say about each other. Jeselnik even joked about him turning everything into gold, referring to his ex-girlfriend’s incredible acting career.

Anthony Jeselnik Net Worth

From his spectacular lines and his ability to make people laugh, Anthony Jeselnik has not just earned popularity but has received millions of dollars. As of 2021, Anthony Jeselnik has a net worth of $5 million.

Is Anthony Jeselnik Gay? His Height and Weight

Anthony Jeselnik is a straight man and undoubtedly loves women, although rumors are surfing from his sexuality and claims of being gay. Just because he is emotional and vulnerable while cracking jokes, he can’t be categorized as a guy. With facial hair and sharp jawlines, the comedian stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches and is 70 kg.

Age, Family, Parents, and Early Life

Anthony Jeselnik was born on December 22, 1978, which makes him a 42 years Capricorn man. He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by his father, Anthony Jeselinik, and Stephanie Jeselinik, his mother. Since his childhood, he knew he was going to be a comedian. He was always cracking jokes and lightening the room. In her earlier days, he dreamt of being a novelist.

Instead, got the hardiest joke to make everyone laugh. Anthony still pursues his story writing aim and has already stepped a few steps to achieve it by writing many scripts for others and himself. The hilarious entertainer went to Upper St Clair high school and did a bachelor’s from Tulane University in English Literature.

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