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Anthony McClelland (LeBron James Father) Height, Age

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Anthony McClelland and his son Lebron James

All of you know LeBron James. He is one of the greatest NBA players of modern times and is the youngest player ever to reach 30,000 points. Do you know the controversies regarding his biological father? If not, follow this story to the end. Also, learn about Anthony McClelland’s age and height measurements.

Is Anthony McClelland Lebron’s real father?

Yes, Anthony is the real dad (Biological) of Lebron. Anthony was in a relationship with Gloria James in his high school days. Accidently, Gloria became pregnant at sixteen years of age, and LeBron James was born. Even before James’ birth, Anthony abandoned Gloria without any marriage. While after the birth of James, Anthony was mainly behind prison bars for committing theft and arson. Lebron was raised in extreme poverty by his mother only. Unfortunately, she left this world while he was only six months old.

His childhood in the absence of father and mother is full of bitterness. After that, this father and son do not have any relationship. Anthony tried to come back to his son’s life in 2002 but was sent to prison eventually. However, Lebron is grateful to his father, Anthony, for his absence in his harsh life, and he became what he is now due to his lack. James looks pretty much similar to Anthony.

Anthony McClelland Age and Height

We do not found any information regarding his height. He is around 55 years of age and must be heavily built like his son in adulthood.

Anthony McClelland has another son, Aaron McClelland Gamble

Anthony had another son, Aaron McClelland Gamble, from another woman. Legend’s father didn’t have any interest in family life and also left his mother after she became pregnant.

Once, Aaron had tried to get some support from James LeBron for his mother’s cancer treatment but, James didn’t respond. From there, these two half-brothers didn’t have any relationship as family members. However, Aaron looks similar to his brother LeBron James. Aaron was born 31st of May in the year 1987. He was born in the Akron city of Ohio State. His mother belongs to a lower-middle-class family who raised him and his twin sister on her single effort. He is also a fitness freak with well-built muscles. He is highly active in social media.

Anthony McClelland's another son, Aaron McClelland

Aaron McClelland Gamble, another son of Anthony McClelland

Anthony McClelland was previously convicted

Anthony was charged with allegations of theft and arson numerous times. He had been proved guilty in robbery five times and had spent several years in prison.

Lebron James is thankful to his father for not been around

Lebron James’s childhood life is full of struggle, hardships, bitterness, and deficiency. He was just an orphan after the death of his mother while he was six months old. His father moved away from his life after he found that his mother is pregnant. He missed his father so much in his childhood days and often got angry for his reckless deeds.

But later, he converted his anger into strength and focused in his career as a basketball player. He thinks he achieved his success as his father stood far away from him without any support, and thus he can grow and build on his effort. In an Instagram post, he thanked his father for not helping him expand on his own from 10 dollars to 100 million dollars’ worth.

Anthony McClelland son Lebron James

James was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron of Ohio state. He had a natural talent since his early days in basketball. St. Vincent- St. Mary School recognized his talent and recruited him in their basketball team. His extraordinary record made him the first player to get picked in the 2003 NBA draft directly from the high school.

The Clevland Cavaliers signed him, and his sign proved to be fruitful for this struggling team. There, he scored 20 points per game and accomplished the success achieved by the legends like Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. He improved and mastered his game continuously after that, scored more than 50 points every game (Being the smallest player to do so0. During his peak productive years, he outperformed all his rivals like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson by scoring more than 30 points per game.

These 6 feet 8 inches tall player is often called King James by his fans. He is also the Olympic Gold Medalist and the youngest player ever to score more than 30,000 career points. In 2018, he was chosen by Los Angeles Lakers team. They signed a contract of 153 million dollars for four years. He is also a businessman and owns the Blaze Pizza franchise. In addition, he leads LeBron James Family Foundation. This foundation has started primary school and is spending 41 million dollars on sending kids to college. He is among the top 5 most-earning athletes in 2021.

Anthony McClelland's son, Lebron James

The greatest NBA player, Lebron James

Anthony McClelland’s son Lebron James had several alleged fathers

After LeBron James became the star basketball player, many people claimed him to be their son to get some share from his income.

At first, Bryce Stovell claimed that he met James’s mother, Gloria, in 1984 in a bar. He was 29 years old, and Gloria was just 15 years old. Despite being just 15, she told Bryce to be in her early twenties. Later, DNA test analysis revealed that Bryce’s probability of being James’s father is just zero.

Then, the former player of the NBA, Nate Thurmond, also claimed him to be his son. The fact behind this claim is they both played for Clevland, and both physical features look similar. It was a false claim without sufficient evidence.

Later on, Ronald Bivens, the former basketball player, claimed him to be his son. He met Gloria while he was 19 years old, and they were often seen together by their friends. Later, Roland changed his name to Anthony. Ronald’s playstyle was similar to that of LeBron’s, as per Roland’s coach. The confusing part of the story is that Ronald was officially recorded to be dead in 1994, whereas Anthony McClelland was caught for robbery in 2002.

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