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Arcangel Net Worth: His Wife and Kids

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Image of famous singer, Arcangel

Dominica’s heartbeat Austin Agustín Santos aka Arcangel, is the singer and songwriter of hit songs such as Si Se Da. His famous work with De La Ghetto gained an international fan base, taking Arcnagel’s carrier to a new level.

You might be familiar with this singer but do you have any idea about his wife and children? If not, follow us till the end.

This article is about the personal life and family of this beloved singer. Find out his total net worth.

Who is Arcangel?

Currently 35, Austin Agustín Santos was born on December 23 of 1985. He grew up in East Harlin with his three younger brothers. Arcangel’s mother was herself a singer. He used to listen to different kinds of songs with his mother, thus developing an artistic taste for rock music.

In 2002, Austin Santos dedicated to starting this career from the birthplace of reggaeton music, i.e., Puerto Rico. With the stage name of Arcangel, he started to work with a record label, ‘Baby Records,’ and ‘Machette Music.’ In 2006, their first hit album, Sangre Nueva, was out in public. In 2007, he left his understanding with De La Ghetto and started a solo carrier. His last album Los Favoritos, with the major hit Tu Cuerpo me Hace Bien, was loved by his fans.

Net Worth and Salary

Over two decades of music carrier and lots of music tours have blessed Arcangel with a huge fortune. His Youtube Channel with 9.63 million followers contributes to a large section of his income. From all this work, Arcangel has managed to gather the fortune of US $10 Million. Even his Instagram account has 11.8 M followers.

Arcangel is Married Twice

The famous singer has a little secretive personal life. He is currently married to Alejandra Pascual, but the couple rarely appears in public. We don’t know anything about their wedding. But, this is not his only relationship. Arcangel has been married to Маrіѕоl Gаrсіа. The two were hitched for a couple of years before the relationship turned into a disaster.

Many questions were raised after Arcangel was arrested for domestic violence in 2019. A video where he kicked his then-girlfriend after a heated argument was viral. The kick was very brutal and seemed inhuman. In the end, he had to pay the bail amount of $3000.

Arcangel Kids

Marisol, Arcangel’s first wife, gave birth to a daughter, Аngеlіса Luсеrо Ѕаntоѕ Fіguеrо who lives in the United States. On the other hand, his son, Аuѕtіn Аlејаndrо Ѕаntоѕ Раѕсuаl lives in Рuеrtо Rісо.

Santos is very close to his kids and would do whatever it takes for them. He likes spending time with his daughter, whom he calls La Nina, but it’s hard to visit her regularly.

Image of famous singer, Arcangel and his kids
A renowned and successful singer, Arcangel and his kids, Аngеlіса Luсеrо Ѕаntоѕ Fіguеrо and Аuѕtіn Аlејаndrо Ѕаntоѕ Раѕсuаl.

In one of the recent Instagram posts he wrote,

“Lucero shows me what she wants in her room. My daughter has good taste. She deserves that and More.”

With the name of @laly_lalypop on Instagram, his current wife Alejandra Pascual is also very close to both of the children. She often travels with Arcangel to visit his kids.

Well, his fans are waiting for Arcangel to reveal more of his personal life to the public.

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