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 Arionne Curry (Martell Holt Mistress) Age, Baby, Net Worth.

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Images of Arionne Curry, mistress of Martel Halt

Arionne Curry is a beautiful nurse of America. She is well known as the mistress of the famous star of TV show star and real estate businessman Martell Holt. Arionne and Martell were together for several years. Recently, there are some rumors about their break-up. What is the truth?

Do you want to know how did they come closer? How is their relationship going on? We will make you clear about their relationship, career, children, net worth, and wiki. Let’s go through the article.

Who is Arionne Curry?

Curry’s a dedicated nurse from the USA. Curry is not in the headlines because of her career; she came to the eyespot of people with a relationship with television mega-star and a real estate businessman Martell Holt. Arionne is not the first girl to be to Martell. Martell was previously married and is planning to get divorced from his wife.

Many news reporters made a headline of Arionne as being a Mistress of Holt. Curry admitted to herself that she was in a relationship with Martell Holt. Arionne and Holt were in an extramarital affair for over five years.

Age and Date of Birth

Arionne’s from the year 1993. Arionne has been dating Martell Holt since the end of 2014. As per 2021, Arionne is in her 28.

Net Worth and Career

Curry is professionally a nurse. Arionne has an estimated net worth of 1.2 million USD.

Curry works in the field of biology. She got a pre-graduate degree from the University of Alabama Mechanical and Agricultural University. Her working place and early life are masked from the internet. Surely, she has been working hard and strongly devoted to people’s health.

Arionne Curry is also a co-founder of the e-commerce business of wardrobe, namely ‘Aris.’ ‘Aris’ focuses on outfits for women. The business motive is not just to sell the product but also to make the customer confidence with the commodity.


 Arionne Curry looking cute in short hair
Arionne Curry, Well known mistress of the famous star of TV, show star, Martel Holt

Her relationship with Martell Holt 

Arionne and Martell met at a party where they exchanged their contact number. The long-term contact on the phone led them to a loving relationship. They opened their relationship to media and also met with each other’s friends and family. Martell supported Arionne financially and surprised her with expensive gifts. Martell gifted a BMW car to Curry.

Recently, Curry claims that she is no more to Martell. They have ended their relation as per Curry.

Does Arionne Curry have a baby with Martell Holt?

As per the source, Arionne Curry was having a pregnancy in 2020. She was expected to give birth to a child at the end of 2020. It is not clear whether the born child is either a boy or a girl.

Who is Martell Holt? Net worth

Martell was born in the year 1989 in Huntsville, Alabama, US. Martell studied at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University. Holt got his degree from the same university in 2008 in Education. Soon after graduation, Martell started a profession as a teacher at Sparksman Middle School. Holt worked for two years as a teacher and resigned to start his career in real estate.

After leaving a job as a teacher, Martell gets involved in real estate and got more ideas. He continued his business in real estate.

Besides the business in real estate, Martell is well known for his appearance on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” the reality TV show. Martell got onto the show with Melody. The TV show focuses on the love affair of six African-American people living in Alabama and getting into the real estate business.

As Martell is getting into the real estate business, there is no big surprise for him being rich. Martell Holt is also famous in the TV show of the real estate business. As latest news, Martell’s wealth is around 20 million USD. Martell has also written the book “The Nine to Five Entrepreneur: 12 Questions To Consider Before Taking the Leap”. And has added some money to the net worth of selling the books.

Arionne Curry's boyfriend, Martell Holt smiling in blue suit
Famous star of TV show star and real estate businessman, Martell Holt

Arionne Curry has a daughter

Arionne Curry was rumored to be pregnant. Apparently, Curry had a child with Martell Holt in December. The real news and reports about the bearing of a child and his/her gender are away from social media and internet sources.

Social Media Activities

Arionne has a fan following of 26.6k on Instagram. She posts about her e-business in a boutique on Instagram. Curry also holds a Twitter account with 2.7k followers. In her bio, she says that to know her is to Love her.

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