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Arnold Byrd (Jenifer Lewis Husband) Age, Net Worth, Bio

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Arnold Byrd with his wife, Jennifer Lewis

Arnold Byrd is known to be the husband of the Black-ish star, Jenifer Lewis. He has come into the spotlight around a decade after he became romantically associated with the actress Jenifer. While the actress praises her husband a lot, her fans inquire to know him better. So this article focuses on Arnold Byrd’s age, net worth, and married life.

How old is Arnold Byrd? Age and Bio

As we said, Arnold Byrd is the celebrity husband of the iconic actress, Jennifer Lewis. However, to introduce him professionally, he was a sergeant in the U.S. Marines. Also, he has hidden his age from the media, but he might be around 60-65 years of age. On the other hand, Mrs. Byrd is 64 years of age.

Arnold Byrd is married to Jenifer Lewis.

The Black-ish actress has a settled, married life. She married former marine Arnold Byrd in 2012 and has been happily living with him for almost a decade. The actress, back in 2010, revealed that she was in a relationship with a tall, handsome and intelligent man. She also mentioned that she was deeply in love and very happy for the love she had. She further stated,

“He’s the father of three children. So he has lived. I found myself a grown man who was looking for an adult relationship; I am one of the luckiest women in the world.”

Arnold Byrd with his wife, Jennifer Lewis
The Iconic actress Jenifer Lewis with his husband Arnol Byrd

Arnold Byrd daughter Charmaine Lewis and Children

The actress shares a daughter named Charmaine Lewis, who has grown up to be a successful actress like her mother. However, she is not their biological child as the couple adopted her. Their daughter has appeared in movies like Strange Blood in 2015, and in the same year, she was featured on Instagram is a Liar. Likewise, Jennifer is also a stepmother to three of his husband’s children from his previous marriage. But they currently seem to be out of sight as their names are never mentioned anywhere.

Arnold Byrd's wife, Jennifer Lewis with her adopted daughter, Charmaine Lewis
Jennifer Lewis and her daughter, Charmaine Lewis

Wife Jenifer Lewis

We don’t think we have to introduce this notable actress Jennifer Lewis to you. She has been a notable name since the late 70s. She is also known by the name “The Black Mother of Hollywood.” The actress has more than 125 acting credits in her name in the Hollywood industry and has more than 55 self-credits. Beaches’ actress has also worked as executive producer and co-producer in Finding Kendrick Johnson and Jackie’s Back!

Moreover, the audiences most praised her for her work in the TV series Black-ish, where she played Ruby/Rosy. Apart from this, she has appeared in tons of movies such as The Preacher’s Wife, Mystery Men, The Princess, and the Frog. She has been working consistently in this field since 1979, and her passion for this industry has still not faded away. Her new TV series, I Love This for You, is in the pre-production phase and will soon be out for you to watch. With this incredible career, she has just accumulated $3 million of net worth for herself.

Arnold’s wife, Jenifer, battled sex addiction back in the 80s.

While Jennifer was a kid, she used to be a church choir member and had to travel to different churches with the pastors. While traveling, she was sexually molested by the pastor in the car. She stated that the pastor leaned toward her, began kissing her, and resisted touching her breasts. Later, the pastor told her that her faith was being tested. So this incident affected her mental health and the way she looked at sex. As a result, she went into a sex and drinking addiction in the 1980s. Later, her therapist diagnosed her with bipolar disorder.

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