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Ashley Nocera Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

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The notable fitness model, Ashley Nocera

While we mostly write about celebrity wives, actors, and actresses, we have a completely different person with a unique title today. We’re talking about Ashley Nocera, who has come to the public attention for being an enthusiastic Bikini Athlete and a social media influencer.

If you continue reading her story in this article, you will undoubtedly get boosted up. Hence, today we’re writing about her story of success, the reason behind her inspiration, and exclusive facts like her age, net worth, relationship status, and many more things. So get yourself buckled up to know about her journey.

How old is Ashley Nocera? Age

The bikini star was born in August 15, 1994. The notable fitness model, Ashley Nocera from Woodbridge, New Jersey, is just 27 but has made her name as one of the incredible female bikini athletes in the world. Her passion for fitness grew after being inspired by her grandfather, who was a bodybuilder.

Hence, in 1999, when she was just four, she began learning swimming and even competed in a competition. She embraced this sport consistently for the next ten years of her life till she was 14. By the age of 15, she started shaping her body and focused on fitness as she was not satisfied with how she never followed a healthy balanced diet and had a great figure. Back then, weight lifting and fitness regime were nothing more than just a hobby to her.

Ashley Nocera Career

So as mentioned, Ashley joined the gym to work out on her fitness goal at the age of 15. Moreover, she continued to train herself for the next three years extensively and, in the meantime, realized that weight lifting was her ambition. By the age of 18, she’d already come into great shape with her dedication. Later, she felt like she should be taking her passion a step further and decided to go for her first competition.


Hence, she partook in the 2014 WBFF NYC Championships, and she managed to impress the judges with her aesthetic physique. As a result, she won her very first competition and bagged a trophy. Along with that, she got her Pro Card, so at the age of 19, she succeeded in becoming a professional Bikini Athlete.

As her professional career hit off, she participated in her second competition at the 2014 WBFF Las Vegas World Championships, although she didn’t win this time. She managed to be in the 7th position. Furthermore, in 2015, she came back to WBFF World Championship with vigorous preparation. Hence, she succeeded in placing herself in 5th position. Besides being an athlete, she has also been one of the famous internet sensation around the world.

Fitness model, Ashley Nocera
An enthusiastic Bikini Athlete, Ashley Nocera

Net Worth and Income Sources

We can certainly assume how rich model and athlete is. She must have earned a lucrative sum by participating in WBFF Championships, where she manages to stand in a great position. Furthermore, the lady has become a prominent name in the Instagram and YouTube community and has earned massive supporters, eventually boosting her worth. So as per our research, she has a collective wealth of $200,000 in 2021.

Is Ashley Nocera dating a boyfriend?

Ashley Nocera is reportedly dating Alex Sharoykin, but not many pages have written about it. They became friends via Facebook when the model herself sent him a friend request. They communicated for some time and started seeing each other in person. Both of them were students at Wagner College, located in New York. Currently, Alex is also a social media influencer. The couple is already engaged but hasn’t announced anything about their wedding till now. Whatsoever, the pair looks great with each other, and we hope we can see this sight forever.

Ashley Nocera with her boyfriend, Alex Sharoykin
A social media influencer, Ashley Nocera, with her boyfriend, Alex Sharoykin

How tall is Ashley Nocera? Height and Measurements

Many of you might be assuming her to be very tall, but she stands at the height of 5 feet and weighs around 52 kg. However, her medium height has stopped her from achieving the name and fame in her career. Besides, her body measurements have not been revealed yet.

Early life and Bio

We’ve almost written every little detail regarding Ashley. So far, as we’re concerned about her parents and family details, it’s completely concealed. She hasn’t talked about her parents anywhere, but everyone knows about her grandfather, who inspired her to become what she is today. Also, we have no idea if she even has siblings. The lady spent all of her childhood in the journey to becoming a renowned fitness model. She started involving in sports and athletic activities from the age of four, so you can make speculation on how her childhood went.

Furthermore, you should know that she is a well-educated woman. She went to a local high school in New Jersey and later to Wagner College, situated in New York. However, we do not know which degree or subject she pursued.

Social Media Activities

Being a fitness model, Ashley certainly needs to show her presence on social media sites. These days, Instagram has been an effective platform where you can amass a considerable number of followers and influence them. Hence, the model is on Instagram with more than 3.4 million followers.

She has successfully managed to engage her fans with her gorgeous photoshoots. Furthermore, she also has a YouTube channel with a colossal of 419k subscribers. She is also incredibly active on the most popular platform, TikTok, with 11 million followers. Likewise, she has more than 15.2k followers on her Twitter handle.

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