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Brandel Chamblee Wife Bailey Mosier’s Age, Salary, Wiki

Image of co-host of "Morning Drive" Golf channel,  Bailey Mosier and her husband

The style icon Bailey Mosier is a famous host and on-site reporter at golf tournaments. Besides, she is the co-host of a daily news and lifestyle program at the Golf Channel, Morning Drive.  Similarly,  Mosier is a golf player herself and was an  All-American Scholar athlete during her high school. In her spare time, she even wrote the student newspaper.

Bailer Mosier is a Caucasian from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is an apple to the eyes of her two elder brothers, John Mosier and Jeff Mosier. Her father’s name is Danny Mosier, and Lynn Mosier is her mother.

Bailer wanted to do something different, so she decided to start her new chapter in the new city. She is an alumna of Old Dominion University, from where she eventually graduated with a BA in communication and psychology major. She completed her master’s degree from Arizona State University.

How Old is Bailey Mosier? Her Birthday and Height

Mosier is 32 years old woman having her zodiac sign of Cancer. She celebrates her birthday on July 5th. Everyone seems to adore her pleasing smile, charming blue eyes, and hourglass physique. She stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches.

 Bailey Mosier Salary and Net Worth

Bailey receives about $49,000 as a salary from her show, Morning Drive. She also works as an MC for the fashion show organized by PGA Merchandise. All together, Mosier has a net worth is around $2 million.

Her Married Life with Her Husband, Brandel Chamblee

Bailey is married to a former American professional golfer, Brandel Chamblee. After his first divorce from Karen, Brandel remained single for 15 years until he met Bailey at a golf program. They dated for six years and finally got engaged in March 2016.

Image of co-host of "Morning Drive" Golf channel,  Bailey Mosier and her husband at their wedding
The co-host of the “Morning Drive” Golf channel,  Bailey Mosier, and her golfer husband, Brandel Chamblee at their wedding.

The couple married on December 30th, 2016. They have 23 years of age difference; still, they seem to be very understanding and in love. Due to their busy schedule, Bailey lives in Orlando, whereas the golfer stays in Arizona. However, they are seen enjoying luxurious vaccines together, taking some time out for each other.

Social Media Activities

Bailey has an Instagram account under the name of baileychambleegc. Since she is a media personality, her primary source of engagement with her audience is through the app. Sharing her lifestyle as a public figure and as a beautiful wife is specifically her thing. Mosier is pretty active and doesn’t shy away from being transparent on her social platform. Looking at her page, she is really into golf, fashion and travel.

 Bailey Mosier Wiki and Facts

 Mosier is considered to be a very fashionable and hardworking woman. Over the years, she has managed to stay at the top of sports broadcasts. She was named the most beautiful woman in the gulf in 2016. Being in sports doesn’t stop her from looking her absolute best at her fashion game. She is a fashion sensation and trend maker and is not afraid to showcase her bold and edgy style.

Image of co-host of "Morning Drive" Golf channel,  Bailey Mosier
The co-host of the “Morning Drive” Golf channel as well as the wife of a professional golfer,  Bailey Mosier.

At her university, she played for the women’s golf team. She enjoyed spending her time with her teammates and all the activities they did together, like cooking and hangouts. Still, she is in contact with her two best friends, and they are always seen next to each other. She became the co-founder of Brokingnews in her earlier days.

You can find her recent articles here.

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