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Bessy Gatto (Joe Gatto wife) Age, Wiki and Bio

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Image of Bessy Gato and her husband Joe Gatto

You might have probably heard of the idiom “Behind every successful man; there is a strong woman.” Well, this definitely relates to Bessy and Joe. The star of “Impractical JokersJoe Gatto, has always appreciated how his wife has been the strongest supporter in his life. He considers Bessy as a heaven-sent wife, which is why his fans are often curious about his wife and their love life. Thus, without further ado, let’s talk about this diva today in this article. Also, know her age and wiki-bio.

How old is Bessy Gatto? Age and Birthday

If you are wondering about the popular wife of Joe Gatto, then let me tell you that she is 39 years of age. Born in April 11, 1982, her zodiac sign is Aries. In addition, she was born in the United States and held an American Nationality. However, even after being a famous personality, she knows exactly where to draw the line. Hence, she has kept many of her insights to herself only.

Bessy Gatto Wikipedia-Bio

Apart from being known as a celebrity wife of the actor, she has made a name and identity for herself as well. She is popular as an active advocate who fights for animal rights. By now, you must have understood that she is an avid animal lover.

In fact, she regards five of her pets like her own family. Furthermore, Bessy can also be named an Instagram star or influencer as she has millions of followers. However, she has not yet been featured on the radar of Wikipedia. On the other hand, her husband has already been documented on the website with major of his life details. On the bright side, Bessy has been written on numerous wiki-bio pages.

Bessy Gatto is married to Joe Gatto. Kids

Bessy and Joe are in a kind of marital relationship that the universe conspires to be in. It is known that they were in deep love for quite some years. After getting to know each other and making sure they were a compatible couple, they reportedly married each other on September 2, 2013. Their wedding ceremony was led by his co-star Sal Vulcano. Just to let you know, Joe is the only cast of Impractical Jokers who is married, while Brian Quinn and Sal Volcano aren’t married even in their 40s. Brian, in one of the interviews, mentioned,

“Yeah. Joe’s the only one that’s married. The rest of us are not yet, which is getting a little weird’ cause we’re hittin’ 40….”

The couple is blessed with two adorable children. Their firstborn is a daughter named Milana Francis Gatto, who was born in May 2015, which makes her 6 years of age. Furthermore, they welcomed a son named Remington Joseph Gatto as their newest family member on July 31, 2017. He is turning 4 in a couple of days.

Bessy Gatto smling with her husband and children
The star of Impractical Jokers’ Joe Gatto and his wife, Bessy, and their children

Husband Joe Gatto

There might be very few people living in this world that doesn’t recognize Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers. If you fall under those categories, you need to keep yourself updated with the popular shows. Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr., aka Joe Gatto, is an American actor, comedian, producer, and whatnot. He was born on June 5, 1976, in Staten Island, New York.

However, he is of Italian descent. He is the main star of the TV series, Impractical Jokers and features alongside stars like Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn. The trio initially got famous after they founded a comedy show called The Tenderloins in 1999. They first produced comedy sketches and started posting them on YouTube, MySpace, and Metacafe, which accumulated millions of views. The group even won a grand prize of $100,000 in the It’s Your Show competition. Later with much success, they got to be featured as the major cast of the series Impractical Jokers and also in Impractical Jokers: The Movie in 2020.

Joe Gatto, husband of Bessy Gatto
The star of Impractical Jokers’ Joe Gatto

Net Worth and Salary

Since Bessy doesn’t have a legitimate profession, we cannot expect her to have an incredible net worth as her husband. However, her social media presence and activities are one definite source of her income. According to reports, she has an estimated net worth of around $250,000. On the other hand, her husband has a net worth of $5 million as a comedian and actor.

Bessy Gatto is a Pet Owner

Like we mentioned earlier, Bessy is a keen animal lover. We can often see her posting about her cute little dogs and time and again advocating for the adoption of dogs to rescue them. In fact, she has herself adopted a dog with no eyes and wrote about rescuing pets. If you go through her Instagram, you will understand what animals mean to her. She considers pets as her family members.

Social Media Activities

Currently, the celebrity wife has accumulated 100k followers on her Instagram account. She is under the username bessygatto and is quite often seen promoting her husband’s work. Besides, half of her feed is occupied by her pet’s posts. Furthermore, she is also on Twitter with more than 17.2k followers but hasn’t been much present there.

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