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Blippi is dating Wife to be Girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham

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Image of a famous American musical artist, Blippi

Blippi is a famous American musical artist. His real name is Stevin John but he is widely popular as Blippi. He entertains children on YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu. He creates content that kids love and find entertaining.

We are going to explore his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham, in this write-up.

Before learning about his relationship with Alyssa, let’s learn a little more about him.

Blippi is Dating a wife-t0-be Girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham.

Blippi has been dating Alyssa for a long time. The two have been enjoying their relationship together. Although they have been together for a long time now, it is not clear whether the two are going to marry each other.

As a superstar amongst kids, he admits that he loves kids. But he is unsure of when he is going to have his kids.

They are open about their affair and post about their relationship stories regularly on social media.

According to the musical artist’s IG profile, he lives with Alyssa and their two dogs – Lyno & Lily.

Image of a famous American musical artist, Blippi and his girlfriend
A famous American musical artist, Blippi, and his girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham

About Blippi

Born as Stevin John in Ellensburg, Washington on 27th May 1988, he adopted the famous persona, Blippi. Stevin was a video editor and marketer helping small businesses and enterprises. During his stints as a marketer, he learned about content and SEO.

Later on, he figured out that children loved to watch entertaining content on YouTube and other platforms. So, he thought of starting his own YouTube channel to create and upload high-quality content for children.

He states that his sole purpose in starting the venture was to entertain kids through educational videos.

To make his videos livelier and more entertaining, he designed colorful costumes and gave himself the ‘Blippi’ persona. Blippi has become a celebrity now since the persona started in 2013. His popularity has skyrocketed since he started making educational videos for the kids

As a creator of social media, Stevin is clear of controversy. However, he had got into it for a video he created. The video that he had hidden quite successfully for a long time showed pooping. The video, unfortunately, resurfaced after a long time that brought him some controversy. However, it did not harm his Blippi persona much as kids loved his educational and entertaining videos regardless of any situation.

Blippi on Social Media

As a musical artist and video story creator, Blippi is quite active on social media. He updates his Facebook page and IG account regularly with updates of his activities. He has a great fan following of 524k on his Instagram account.

Apart from his Blippi persona, he shares his personal life stories in IG, Facebook as Stevin John.

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