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Bob Baffert Net Worth, Wife Jill Baffert, Age and Facts

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Image of Bob Baffert

Bob Baffert is a horse trainer and owner from the United States who has won some of the world’s most prestigious horse races. This multiple Triple Crown winner is extremely popular. And he is a millionaire who actually started to work as a Jockey body in his teen. So what’s the real story behind Bob’s success? He has a wife, Jill Baffert. Likewise, let’s find out the net worth of Bob Baffert.

Who is Bob Baffert?

Growing up in the cattle ranch over Arizona, Bob Baffert started his career as a Jockey. Earning $100 per day, he struggled a lot during his childhood days. After deciding to pursue horse training as a career, Bob went to the University of Arizona to study animal sciences.

After graduation, Bob shifted to southern California. He gained his first experience by training four hours for champion Quarter. His primary investment was buying Thirty Slews in 1988 and Breeders’ Cup Sprint in 1992. In 1996, they won their first Triple Crown. Then, he won Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, making some markable records.

In 2002, his horse won its first Triple Crown. After that, his career took a long break until 2010. This year, he trained Preakness to win Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. He continued to get many more wins, growing as the very successful and wealthy horse trainer of all time.

Bob Baffert Net Worth and Income Sources

Bob Baffert has a net worth of $35 million, as of 2021. While a typical horse trainer is only paid about $10 to $20 per hour, Bob’s daily income is about $1000. Bob is the richest horse rider and trainer in the whole world.

The Arrogate and Mucho Gusto horses trainer got the price of 12 million dollars for winning the Pegasus World Cup. Later, he got another $3 million as a trainer of Mucho Gusto. Winning the richest world cup of all time, he had made the highest income.

Bob Baffert in blue suit
American horse owner, Bob Baffert.

Bob Baffert is Married to a Wife, Jill Baffert

Unlike the successful career, Bob’s married life is full of hardship. Luckily, bob’s now got a beautiful and very youthful wife. This is hitched to former TV reporter Jill Baffert. Living an exuberant lifestyle with his wife, fourteen years younger than him, he is pretty happy.

Baffert and Jill first met in 1998 in a TV show Kentucky Derby. Having similar interests, Jill and Baffert got close. But Baffert was still married to his previous wife. Thus the relationship couldn’t go further until his divorce. Baffert decided to date each other for some time before he was ready to be married again. The two officially got married in 2002 and lived happily after that. Bode, their first child, was born in 2004.

The couple lives in their houses in California and Louisville. Jill suffered from back pain and went through hip surgery in 2015. With millions of dollars in property and a huge mansion, they lead quite a luxurious life.

Bob Baffert with her wife jill
American horse owner, Bob Baffert and her wife, Jill Baffert.

Bob Baffert First Marriage with Sherry

Bob’s first marriage turned out quite ugly. The two most likely separated after Bob got closer to his newfound love Jill. However, her divorce file said that she wanted to separate due to her husband’s workaholic nature. Sherry mentions that Bob hardly had any time for his family.

Although Bob preferred to keep his marital problems private, his divorce with Sherry made quite damage to the family. This is because Bob’s family was very much attached to Sherry, sources report.

Bob Baffert Children

Bob is a proud father of five kids. From his first marriage, Bob was blessed with four great children. He is close to his elder children Taylor Baffert and Canyon Baffert. The younger son Forest Baffert and daughter Savannah Baffert are also going well in their life. He has only one son from Jill Baffert. Now, 17, Bode Baffert still goes to high school.

Bob Baffert's Sons
Sons of horse owner Bob Baffert.

Who is Bob Baffert Wife, Jill Baffert? Her Age

Jill Moss Baffert was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1966. Jill grew up in the same place as a child. As of now, Jill Baffert has not revealed the identity of her parents. However, Jill exclaims that her mother motivated her to be a journalist.

Jill grew up with a sister while going to Hickman County High School. She then went to Middle Tennessee State University.

Jill, a former anchor for WLKY-TV, has a degree in Broadcasting. Originally from Tennessee, she got her degree from Middle Tennessee State University. Later, she shifted to Louisville, Kentucky, where she met her current husband, Bob.

Even after graduation, Jill couldn’t get a proper job for many years. For nine whole years, she worked at Breece’s Cafe in Centerville as a waitress. Only after so many years, she landed a job as an anchor in Louisville’s Channel 32.

Currently 55, Jill still looks elegant in her slim body. Her net worth is about $1 million.

How Old is Bob Baffert? Age

Bob Baffert, now 68, was born in 1953. This horse trainer from Nogales, Arizona, celebrates his birth on the 13th of January. His wife, Jill, is 13 years younger than Bob.

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