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Bob Eubanks Net Worth. Wife Deborah James, ex-wife Irma Eubanks.

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Image of game show host, Bob Eubanks

Bob Eubanks is an actor, writer, and television host who has worked in a series of different shows. He became a household name back in the 60s after being given a chance to host ‘The Newly Wed Game.’ Other than this, he was also approached to lead other television shows. These ranged from titles like Cold Sharks to Trivia Trip.

Television is not the only platform that Bob explored. Long before he became a bankable face on reality television, Eubanks worked as a DJ across multiple radio stations. Uncover a few other details about Bob Eubanks’ net worth and personal life in this article.

Who is Bob Eubanks?

Bob Eubanks is a former radio host turned television personality. Growing up, Bob was exposed to several popular game shows on television. He grew enamored with the likes of Howard Hughes and Bill Cullen. By the mid-50s, Eubanks was working in his first radio station, KACY.

He’d eventually transition into television about a decade later. As a TV host, Bob has over 80 credited roles to his name. Throughout the years, he appeared on shows like Gambit, Game Changers, and Daily Blast Live.

Switching focus to his acting career, we learned that Eubanks has appeared on cult classics like Home Alone 2 and Johnny Dangerously. Besides acting, Bob additionally worked as a producer behind the scenes. He has produced seven films to date, ranging from titles like Payback to You Bet Your Life.

Lastly, we found Bob has also published two books: It’s in the Book and Some Fun Tonight. It comes as no surprise that Bob has received several awards for his work over the years. The most prestigious award was his 2005 lifetime achievement Emmy Award.

Age and Date of Birth.

Robert Leland Eubanks was born on the 8th of January 1938 in Flint, Michigan. As we speak, he is 83-years old. Bob’s star sign is a Capricorn. Interestingly, Bob shares his birthday with the likes of Elvis Presley and Aaliyah.

Net worth.

Robert’s wealth mostly comes from his work on television. For more than 60 years, Bob has appeared on a staggering number of television shows. Additionally, he also starred on Home Alone 2. This particular film reportedly made $359 million at the box office on a budget of about $28 million.

Other than television. Eubanks also enjoys a decent amount of revenue from the books he has written. One such title retails for about $15 on Amazon. Robert makes a pretty penny every time someone buys one of his books on Amazon. Presently, Bob Eubanks’ net worth rests at $25 million.

Wife Deborah James.

Bob Eubanks is currently married to Deborah James. She is a former model, actress, and television personality. Debbie was born on the 19th of August 1967 in Nashville, Tennessee, which makes her 53. She got her big break on television back in the 90s after emerging victorious on Star Search.

From that point onwards, she’d feature several shows: Sisters,  Quantum Leap, Men in Tights, and even Robin Hood.  Bob and Deborah officially tied the knot back in 2004. So far, they are closing in on 17-years of marriage. The couple’s only child is a boy named Noah Eubanks.

Image of Bob Eubanks and his wife, Deborah James
Bob Eubanks and his wife, Deborah James

Ex-wife Irma Eubanks.

Bob Eubanks’ first wife was a woman named Irma. She was born on the 28th of January 1924. Sources say that Irma and Robert tied the knot back in 1969. They’d stay together for 33 years before tragedy struck. Irma died on January 19th, 2002.

Before she passed away, however, she and Bob Eubanks had three children together. These are Trace, Theresa, and Corey Eubanks.

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