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Brad Stevens Wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens, Salary, Age, Net Worth 

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Images of Brad Steven, the president of Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens is the president of Boston Celtics, a basketball operation team. Brad started his career as a volunteer and reached up to the president of a basketball team hub. He is not the sole person responsible for his success; his wife Tracy Wilhelmy helped him to get through the way of his success.

How he managed to be president starting from a volunteer? What is her real story behind his success? How is his family relation? What about his children and his wife, Tracy Wilhelmy?

Who is Brad Stevens? Early life and Family

Brad is the president of the Boston Celtics of Basketball Operations. Recently he was appointed as president on June 2, 2021, after the retirement of the former president, Danny Ainge. Brad Stevens is one of the finest coaches in the National Basketball Association. Brad was titled the head coach of the NBA’s All-star game for 2017. He rejected an offer contract of 70 million USD for the head coach of Indiana University.

Stevens was born in Zionsville, Indiana. He took his first breath on October 22, 1976. Brad was interested in basketball since his early days. Stevens would watch match tapes of the games before his school time. Brad’s friend made a basketball court near his house, where he started practicing actively. 

Brad improved his skills there. In honor of Reggie Miller, Brad wore jersey no 31 while playing in high school. Brad Made his record after entering the team Varsity, and that record was not broken till 2017. In 1995 Stevens was the leading scorer and selectional MVP. 

Brad Stevens is married to a wife, Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens

Tracy met Brad at DePauw University. At the university, Tracy was a team captain in soccer. Brad was a famous player of basketball in the university. Their relationship started with a mutual and constant love for games and sports. The couple used to go on dates in the stadium to watch games.

In the year 2000, Brad got an opportunity to work in the ‘Butler basketball office’ as a volunteer. Tracy Wilhelmy gave him suggestions and motivated him to be there. Tracy and Brad converted their relationship to married life on August 8, 2003. The couple is together, sharing their love. They motivate each other in every up and down.

Brad credits his success to his wife Tracy for the constant love and support.

A good-looking couple, Brad Steven and his wife, Tracy Wilhelmy
The president of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens, and his wife, Tracy Wilhelmy Steven.


Brad Stevens has a small and sweet family. Brad shares two children, a boy, and a girl, with Tracy Wilhelmy. The lovely couple welcomed their first child Brady as a son in 2006 and daughter Kinsley in 2009. Brad’s life is filled with joy and happiness with his loving, beautiful wife and his lovely children.

Brad Steven with his wife and children
The president of Boston Celtics, a basketball operation team, Brad Steven, with his family

Who is Brad Stevens Wife, Tracy Stevens?

Teresa Jewe Wilhelmy is the full name of Tracy Wilhelmy. Tracy stepped on earth in October 1976. Tracy was born as a child from Albert Wilhelmy and Mary Kay. She graduated her high school from Rocky-River High School in 1995. She then moved to DePauw University, where she studied political science. Tracy met her future husband during her days in university.

In college, Tracy used to play soccer and was good at it. She played as a senior team who successfully led the team, winning the NCAA tournament, Division III.

Tracy registered at the Case-Western Reserve University of Law to study law at Cleveland. During those days, Tracy traveled 5-6 hours long to meet Brad at the weekend.

Tracy worked as an employment lawyer for a short time at Bingham Greenebaum Doll-LLP. Tracy dropped out of her post after she welcomed her daughter. Afterward, she focused on the care and management of her child and home-related works. Tracy helped Brad to concentrate his career on coaching. Tracy was in charge of Brad’s salary negotiation when he was choosing the head coach for Boston Celtics. Brad signed a contract for six years for $22 million.

Tracy is involved in the American Cancer Society and has been helping cancer patients after she lost her mother due to cancer in 2004.

Salary and Net Worth

Sports star Stevens earned playing basketball and coaching the Basketball teams. Brad has collected a net worth of 6 million USD in his career. Stevens is the new president of Boston Celtics, so his earnings might inflate shortly.


Bradon started working as a volunteer in the Butler Basketball team. After a season, he was in an administrative position, but his salary was not good enough. In the following season, Brad worked as an assistant coach with a head coach, Todd Lickliter. Brad was appointed a head coach in Butler when he was 31 years old. During his coaching, his team successfully won NCCA Championship Games.

In 2013, Brad signed a contract with Boston Celtics for six years worth 22 million USD. Boston was progressing much after welcoming Brad. Brad was a very young coach and was described as the coach with outstanding leadership and potentials.

On June 2, 2021, Stevens became the president after the retirement of the former president, Danny Ainge.

How tall is Brad Stevens? Height and Weight

Brad stands 6 feet 1 inch tall. He has a Blue eye complexion and black hair color. As a player, he has maintained his body weight. Brad weighs 64 kg.

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