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Brandon Jennings Net Worth, Wife, Tae Heckard, Children, Age.

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Image of Brandon Jennings

If you are interested in sports, then you must have heard about Brandon Jennings. Sports is not only about playing, but it is also more of a dream to some people. Basketball players and fans believe the NBA to be a sacred association. The NBA players are idolized by their fans and are treated like superstars. Find out Brandon’s children and net worth in the following review.

Here we have brought you the life details of such celebrated NBA player, Brandon Jennings. You will learn about his career details along with his love life. Also, read about his wife and former fiance, Tae Heckard, right here.

Brandon Jennings Net Worth

Mr. Jennings has a net worth of $18 million as a professional basketball player, as reported by a source. He achieved a lot of recognition in a few decades when he was a professional and famous basketball player. Brandon was constantly awarded fame and money for his efforts, both of which he treasured. He is no longer a professional basketball player, but he continues to live a lavish lifestyle due to his excellent basketball career.

Is Brandon Jennings married to a wife? 

Brandon and Tae Heckard epitomized how age doesn’t matter when you’re in love. They had a private engagement whose pictures surfaced on Instagram for a while and later were deleted.

The player had two other relationships with two different persons, Monique Blanton and Teyana Taylor. He is seen to enjoy the single life, influenced mainly by domestic relationships with different partners.

His personal life is quite messy, and many changes are going around. He says that he tries to look for “Love,” but he only finds “Lust.” There is no confirmation that he and Lashontae got married afterward, as it has been a very confidential and private detail of his life.

However, it is commonly known that the couple had a baby in late 2015 named Deuce. It is believed that the appearance of Deuce is quite similar to Jennings but also resembles the elegant smile of his mother. Unfortunately, the birth of their son did not help them with continuing the relationship, and they eventually broke up, where he mentioned that it was mostly “lust” with Lashontae.

Jennings Ex-Fiance Tae Heckard, Age

The player’s former fiance Tae Heckard former fiance was an actress. She hails from South Korea, and her birth took place in the year 1978. Heckard is now 43 years old, and on April 14, her birthday is celebrated. Tae was pampered kid as she was the sole daughter.

Moving on to her career details, she is now a popularly recognized South Korean actress. She was passionate about being in the entertainment industry from a young age, and because of that, she pursued her dreams right after she completed high school.

Tae made her debut in the entertainment world with her appearance on a short video, ‘Busta Rhymes& Mariah Carey Feat.’ Later her appearance on the big screen was in 2006 from the movie ‘ATL. Since then, Tae’s career has bloomed, and she has never looked back.

She has also worked for the American industry. Some of her English movies include ‘Back Then’ ‘Getting Even,’ to name some. Similarly, she is most famous for her peculiar role in a rom-com series called ‘The Game.’

Brandon Jennings with his ex fiance, Tae

Professional Basketball Player Brandon Jennings and his Ex-Fiance, Tae Heckard

His Children

The legendary basketball player named his youngest son after him, i.e., Brandon Jennings II. From prior relationships, he has two more boys. Legend Truth Jennings is the name of his oldest son, while Kingston Jennings is the name of his younger son.

Brandon’s Age, Height, and Weight

The NBA star Brandon was born in 1989, and his birthday falls on September 23. He is now 31 years and will be 32 in a couple of months from now.

Regarding his physical attributes, he holds a towing height of 6 feet and 1 inch. His tall height has been a boon to his basketball career. Also, as an athlete, he has a well-maintained body mass of 77 kg.

Brandon Jennings playing basketball

Professional Basketball Player Brandon Jennings


Mr. Jennings was still a teen when he began his professional basketball career in 2008.

Before being professional, the basketball player used to serve his high school basketball team. At that time, he was even named the number 1 high school basketball prospect. After high school, he went to Italy to pursue his basketball career. He played there for nearly four years, and upon returning to the United States, he was drafted by NBA in 2009.

Though he is now a former player, his basketball career earned him both name and prosperity. He served the American basketball as a point guard for a decade, and during the course, he won multiple titles like Mr. Basketball USA in 2008, NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2010, and many more.

The team that he served as a professional basketball player was Zenit Saint Petersburg in 2018.

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