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Brian Malarkey Net Worth. Meet His Wife Chantelle Marie and Kids

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Image of the top renowned chef, Brian Malarkey

The celebrity chef Brian Malarkey is married to the love of his life, Chantelle Marie. The power couple shares a great style of living and is at the peak of their career. The pair, along with their lovely family of five, are all prepared to conquer the world. Get to know more about this celebrity chef, Brian Malarkey, and his net worth.

Brian Malarkey Is Married to Chantelle Marie

Brain Malarkey has married a fashion influencer and a polished woman, Chantelle Marie. Unfortunately, unlike many public personals, the couple is not very open about their private lives; hence, we don’t know much about their first dates and the process of falling in love.

Image of the top renowned chef, Brian Malarkey and wife

The renowned chef, Brian Malarkey, and wife, Chantelle Marie.

However, the pair seems to be highly in love by judging it from their personal Instagram account; Brian constantly appreciates her value in his life with the help of his posts. You may follow him on Instagram, where his handle is @brianmalarkey.

In mother’s day, Brian features his gorgeous wife wearing a flowy mustard dress in his Instagram post. In addition, the couple is having the best times of their lives at exotic travel destinations like Venice, Italy.

Who Is Chantelle Marie?

Chantelle Marie is initially from Minnesota, born on January 11. We do not know the exact birth year of this celebrity chef’s wife. Brian Malarkey wished his wife a happy birthday through his Instagram post on January 11.

After getting her first camera as a young high school student, she realized her fascination for photography. In Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she completed her film degree as she is fond of creative thinking and is drawn towards visual arts.

Similarly, as a trendsetter and a beauty blogger, Chantelle is always at the top of her fashion game. In addition, she keeps sharing her fabulous lifestyle with her 22.1k followers on her social account. Her Instagram handle is @chantellemalarkey.

As the saying goes, ” The people who give you their food give you their heart,” the food lover, Chantelle, has a personal celebrity chef in the tip of her fingers. Apart from being an Instagram influencer and a food/travel blogger, she is a cool mom to her children. She frequently challenges them in a competitive tennis game.

Brian Malarkey Has Three Kids with Chantelle Marie

Image of the top renowned chef, Brian Malarkey and family

An excellent world-renowned chef, Brian Malarkey, with his wife and three kids.

Brian Malarkey, along with his wife, is showered with disguised angels in the form of their children. They have three precious kids. Their daughter, Sailor Elizabeth Malarkey, is already quite popular in TikTok while the boys, Huntington O’Neil and Miles James Malarkey, loves to surf. The family spends time usually by the beach or at luxurious destination vacation.

Brian Malarkey Net Worth

The trendy and excellent chef, Brian Malarkey, is in his zone to create enormous assets for the long run. He has many authentic restaurants, primarily in the upstate areas; Diego’s Herringbone and Searsuckes are his top restaurants, even popular amongst high-profiled celebrities.

Likewise, he engages himself and solely invests in his Puffer collective restaurants. Unfortunately, due to covid, he had to shut down some of his outlets. Still, he is moving intelligently and fast as the situation is getting better. The net worth of Brain MalarKey estimates around $15 million.

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