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Brooke Sealey (Jeff Gordon First Wife) Age, Now, Net Worth

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Image of Brooke Sealey

We hear many relationships between an athlete and a model. In this article, we are going through the relationship, divorce, career, lifestyle, and many more between Brooke Sealey and Jeff Gordon. This article concerns the relationship and also the divorce between them. Divorce was not as usual. It was one of the most costly divorces. Let us look forward to more about Brooke Sealey and her relationships.

Who Is Brooke Sealey? Early life

Brooke Sealey is an antecedent American actress and model. She is the ex-wife of the professional racing car driver, Jeff Gordon. She became famous after she was titled Miss Winston. Sealey was born in North Carolina, USA. Her real birth date has not been revealed yet. Though she is in the limelight now, her early life was hidden from the public eye. Educational background, her childhood, and her date of birth have not been released.

Age and Birthday

Brooke’s DOB is yet to be updated. She was born during the early 1970s. American citizen and mixed ethnicity, the actress is in her early 50s. She was in the spotlight because of an expensive divorce with her ex-husband, Jeff Gordon.

Brooke Sealey Net Worth 

Brooke has made a fair sum of money from her career. Except that she got exceedingly rich after her divorce from Jeff. During their separation attention of the media was towards their expensive divorce. Her estimated net wealth is between  $15-$16 million.

Brooke Sealey looking hot in sky blue dress
Former Model, Brooke Sealey.

Brooke Sealey Was Married to Jeff Gordon

Sealey and Jeff Gordon met for the first time in 1993 when Sealey was working as a model welcoming the NASCAR car drivers. Jeff Gardon was attracted to the pleasing and delightful lady Brooke Sealey. Their meet on a victory lane turned into a relationship. The couple started their married life in 1994. They got happily married, but their relationship did not last very long. This union was broken eight years later. They could not make a child during this period.

Divorce with Jeff Gordon

Brooke divorced Jeff after eight years of togetherness. She claimed that Gordon was in a secret relationship with Deanna Merryman, an American glamour model. However, some internet sources and media have claimed that Brooke was in a relationship and had a child with a guy named Philip Wegner before her relationship with Gordon. Many complications arose during their separation.

Brooke asked for a considerable sum of money while filing a divorce file. With a husky settlement of  $15.3 million, the couple took a judicial separation.

What Is Brooke Sealey Doing Now? Relationships Before and After Jeff

The gorgeous actress and model had many relationships. She was not able to settle with a single guy. Brooke had an affair with Philip Wegner before her relation with Jeff Gordon. She got married to sprint car racer Jeff Gordon in 1994. They decided to separate in 2000, but after a long process, they divorced in 2002.

After ending their relationship with Brooke, she started her new chapter of life with James Dixon II. They gave birth to a child but couldn’t last long. They split from each other. Recently, Brooke hooked up with Mullins Mcleod. From their relationship, Brooke gave birth to a baby girl Ella.

Brooke is now spending time with her child and family. She is not active in modeling for now. Sealey is out of reach of public notice.

Brooke Sealey Former Husband, Jeff Gordon

Jeff Michael Gordon is a Scotch-Irish athlete born on 4th August 1971. Jeff Gordon is one of the wealthy racers of NASCAR. Gordon started racing when he was twelve. He was interested in beginning sprint car racing by thirteen, but constitutionally, he wasn’t allowed before 16.

In 1986 Jeff’s family moved from California to Pittsboro City, Indiana. In 1989, he was the youngest player to compete Inaugural World Sprint Car Championship. When he was sixteen, this youngest car racer was able to get a license from USAC.

Jeff Gordon started his NASCAR career from Busch Series. In a single season, Gordon proved himself by holding a record of capturing 11 poles in 1992. Gordon played for different cup series, championship seasons. For the first time, he didn’t set title in the season of 2008.

Later in 2009, he was the first racer in NASCAR to cross 100 million USD. Jeff has been to many other racing championships in his career. He has received many awards and trophies. He is among the role model in car racing. In his industry, he is comparable with Christiano Ronaldo in football.

Jeff Gordon is a kind-hearted person. He has established a foundation named the “Jeff Gordon Children Foundation” for childhood cancer patients. He also has a children’s hospital where he treats cancer patients and raises funds for cancer-related children.

Jeff Gordon is the wealthiest NASCAR driver. He has a net worth of  $200 Million.  He earned his wealth as an athlete, a car racer.

Brook Sealey with her ex-husband, Jeff Gordan
Former model and her Ex-husband Jeff Gordan.

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