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Cade Owens (Criminal Mind) Now, Age and Biography

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Child Actor, Cade Owen, known for his work on Criminal Minds

We’ve seen several child actors in Hollywood grow into adult celebrities throughout the years. Likewise, Cade Owens was the most favored child actor of the 2010s, who has now grown up to be an adult actor. However, his acting credentials have now been at a standstill, as he appeared on the screens in 2016. It’s been a whole five years that he has put his career to a halt.

Regardless of his disappearance, his fans continuously inquire about his whereabouts and his life updates. Thus, we brought you this informative article about Cade Owens.

How Old is Cade Owens? Age and Parents

Cade Owens, who was best known as a child actor, is now 21 years of age. He was born on January 1, 2000, in the United States. He is best known for his work on Criminal Minds, and his role as Jack Hotchner was widely acclaimed then and even now. Cade Owens was born in a privileged family who encouraged and supported him to pursue his acting career and at the same time helped him in his academics. He was born to his mother named Erica, while his father is still out of sight. Other than this, more information about his siblings and family details came to no avail as no such details are mentioned publicly on the internet.

Cade Owen with his mother, Erica
Child actor, Cade Owen is known for his work on Criminal Minds and his mother, Erica.

Furthermore, his initial appearance on the big screen was in 2010, when he was just ten years old. He then appeared in the TV movie Most Likely to Succeed. There is also no information about his educational journey, but we’re sure he is an educated man who most likely has graduated till now.

What is Cade Owens Doing Now?

Unfortunately, as we’re concerned about the child actor and his whereabouts, nothing has been updated about his life right now. He has certainly grown up to be a 21-year-old man but prefers to live his life as a commoner. Owens last appeared in the TV series Criminal Minds as Jack Hotchner. He played in 22 episodes of the series from the year 2007 to 2016. Furthermore, it has been almost five years that he has grounded himself, and not the public reach out to him. We think he has now been prioritizing his acting career for a secure future.


Cade Owens was always diligent in his career as he took his first steps in the acting world while he was just seven years old. Yes, you read that correctly. He was just seven when he first appeared in the crime drama TV series Criminal Minds as Jack Hotchner. He appeared in the episode named In name and Blood in 2007 and started ever since.

While he was still appearing in Criminal Minds, he also got to debut in his first-ever Movie named Most Likely to Succeed, where he played the role of Caleb in 2010. Later, the audiences widely admired his acting and performing skills, and his recognition started to rise instantly. Soon after, he managed to appear in the top-rated TV series Grey’s Anatomy in 2011. He has all together appeared in three seasons of the series where he played the role of Nathan.

Likewise, he appeared in the TV series NCIS: Los Angeles when he was 11 years of age and portrayed Mark Basser. Besides, in 2012, he also appeared in the movie Blue-Eyed Butcher as Andrew.

As per his IMDb, he has five credits as an actor, and he has nailed every of his role. Henceforth, after this fantastic career, the actor now chose to live a non-celebrity life.

Cade Owens Net Worth

Cade Owens was persistent in his career for almost a decade, from 2007 to 2016. His prominence rose to the most incredible heights during the period, and he was the most demanded child actor of his generation. Hence, he certainly has collected a whopping amount from his nine years of career. Networthpost has written that Cade has summed up a figure of $2 million from his acting credentials.

Social Media Activities

Like we said earlier, he doesn’t want to remain a public figure anymore, and his presence is gradually fading away. Hence, he cannot be found active on any major social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. However, we could see his Facebook account, which does not seem to be used for a very long time. We’re not even sure if that is his account. He has also kept his Instagram account private.

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