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Cassi Davis Net Worth, Husband Kerry Patton, Age, Children,

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Images of singer and actor, Cassi Davis

Cassi Davis is an actor, vocal artist, and singer renowned for her character in ‘House of Payne,’ a TV series as Ella Payne. Going through her life, we can visualize the struggle she has faced throughout her life and the true love she eventually met. Her life gives the glimmer of hope and positive belief in life.

Cassi Davis Net Worth

Cassi, throughout her career, earned a tremendous worth of 6 million dollars.

Cassi’s husband, Kerry Patton

Cassi wed Kerry Patton, a jazz vocalist, on 11 January 2017. They first met with each other in the third standard and begun their dating in 2007, after two decades of their first introduction. Eventually, it took them ten years to finalize their marriage. She assumes that the almighty has tied them together as a perfect couple. She reveals that she is insane regarding her better half and wishes to be with him in every walks of life.

Cassi Davis looking happy with her husband, Kerry
Renowned for her character in House of Payne, Cassi Davis and his husband, Kerry Patton

Cassi Davis was rumored to be with Lavan Davis

There was once misleading hearsay that Cassi wed Lavan Davis behind the doors. Lavan is a co-actor of Cassi who played in “House of Payne.” After that, they were also seen in “Madea Goes to Jail.” Both have performed their role as husband and wife so well that their well-wishers or supporters still consider them true pairs. Fans got puzzled even more after Lavan Davis said he had married Cassi in the program show entitled “You and Me This Morning.” But she denied it straightly and justified it to be a misleading rumor.


Cassi doesn’t have any children to this date. New’s been heard that Cassi doesn’t want kids anytime soon. Thus, both are now living as a happy family and are well-satisfied with each other’s presence.

How old is Cassi Davis? Age 

This Holywood fine face was born on 31-7-1966. Originally from Mississippi, she is now 55 years old.

Cassi reveals that she is now struggling with Bell’s palsy, a syndrome that impacts the face’s muscles, causing the margin of her face to fall. Her husband is along with her side by side despite her illness.

How tall is Cassi Davis? Height, Weight, and Measurements

Cassi is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 85 kg. Nothing much about her body measurements is known. Before that, she is obese, and by doing exercise, she had lost her huge mass by 75 pounds.

Career and Early Life 

Cassi is often called Cassandra Davis. When she was in high school named Holly Springs of Mississippi, an interest in the entertainment world arose within her. Initially, she wanted to perform gospel but ultimately headed to become a vocalist. When she requested her seniors to allow her to perform gospel in their exhibit in the Speelman College, she was rejected.

She was incompetent to receive the college degree in music with one credit remaining. However, later in 2008, she got back to finish her degree and graduated eventually in November. In the late 1980s, she initiated her professional life from School Daze, Spike Lee’s film. Later, she got featured as a minor character in various TV series like “Living Single,” “Married… with Children“, “Kenan & Kel,” and many others.

When she agreed to work with Tyler Perry and join the cast of “Madea’s Family Reunion,” her career took a tremendous leap. She also starred in the hit series Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” as Elsa Payne, the dame of the family and better-half to the Curtis Payne, who LaVan Davis made lively. She is highly noted for her appearance in both TV and film roles on “Madea’s Family Reunion,” “Madea Goes to Jail,” “Daddy’s Little Girls,” “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” and “A Made a Christmas. 

In her successful and overwhelming career, she has won the NAACP Los Angeles Chapter’s Award. Later, she won NAACP Image Award for two consecutive years; The title was “Outstanding Comedy Series actress.” She got those awards for her character in the House of Payne show.

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