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Cathy Zhang: Birthday and Wiki-Bio Facts About Jack Ma Wife

Image of the wife of Jack Ma, Cathy Zhang

The Chinese Entrepreneur Jack Ma has changed the world of e-commerce once and forever. Ma, Asia’s richest man, and a philanthropist is the founder of Alibaba Group. In this article, we will learn about the lucky women who got hitched with this multi-billionaire. Cathy Zhang is the wife of the fourth richest man of China, Jack Ma, according to Forbes.

Who is Cathy Zhang?

Cathy Zhang is the wife of Jack Ma, one of the world’s richest men. But she is also the woman who made her own fortune. Cathy worked as a general manager of Ali Baba for a long time. She is also a teacher and a writer. Furthermore, Cathy is a social worker, often spotted in charity functions.

Married Life with Her Husband Jack Ma

Jack Ma and his wife, Cathy Zhang, have been together for a long time. The two met each other during their college life and got married after a short while. She was with him when the company was first established and struggled to grow. Cathy is herself a major investor for Alibaba.

Cathy Zhang once said,

“My husband might not be very handsome, but he can do things that other handsome man could not.”

Well, it’s luck that they found each other at such a young age and grew up to be the strongest couple in Asia.

Image of the world richest man, Jack Ma and Cathy Zhang
One of the world’s richest men, Jack Ma, and his wife Cathy Zhang.

Together, Cathy and Jack have two children. Their first son Ma Yuankun aka Jerry Ma was born in the year 1992. He recently graduated from the University of California in Berkeley. After some years, they were blessed with a beautiful daughter Ma Yuanbao.

Cathy Zhang Age and Birthday

Cathy, now in her mid-50s, was born in 1966 to Zhang Jiang and his wife. She was born in Ganlinzen, Shaoxing, China. This 5 feet 5 inches tall women have dark eyes and short black hair. She looks stunning in her Mongolian appearance.

Cathy Zhang Net Worth and Income Sources

Cathy Zhang herself own’s a great fortune of money. As a manager and investor at Alibaba, her net worth is about $10 million. Also, she enjoys the $46.1 billion dollars of her husband. The couple owns a private jet and flies anywhere in the world. Her wardrobe is filled with rare and expensive jewelry.

The family resides in a gigantic mansion worth $193 million. With an area of 9,890 square feet of land, her Manson has every luxury mind-kind ever invented. And obviously, they have a massive collection of rare and expensive cars. Basically, we can say that Cathy has everything.


Cathy Zhang graduated in teaching at Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute. Right after college, Cathy, along with her husband Jack, started teaching in a school. Later, Jack decided to quit his job and invest in the business. Cathy also helped her husband invest in the industry and worked as a manager of Alibaba for a long time. After the company grew, she left the job to stayed back in the home. Cathy is the woman behind the success of Alibaba Group.

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