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Ceren Alkac: Age and Facts about Jason Lee Wife

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Age and Facts about Jason Lee Wife, Ceren Alkac

Who is Jason Lee’s wife, Ceren Alkac? Many of you might be wondering about the mysterious lady love of the “My Name is Earl” actor. While she is mainly known as a celebrity wife, you need to know that she does have her career as an actress and entrepreneur. She is most popular as a wife of an American actor, Jason Lee. To know more about her age, biography, and other exclusive facts, read till the end.

Who is Ceren Alkac? Age and Birthday

Ceren Alkac is a Turkish model, but apart from that, she is also widely known for being a celebrity wife of Jason Lee. She was born in Izmir, Turkey, but her date of birth is unrevealed as of now. As per our assumption, she probably is running in her early 40s. Also, she has never mentioned her parents and her upbringing.

However, we think she spent most of her childhood in Turkey. The model now holds dual nationality- Turkish and Australian, as she moved to Australia later with her parents. More about her early life, siblings, education has not been mentioned in the media.

Ceren Alkac with her husband, Jason Lee
Ceren Alkac with her husband, Jason Lee

Ceren Alkac is married to Jason Lee Since 2008.

The Turkish model has been married to an incredible actor and comedian, whose name is Jason Lee. We don’t think he needs an introduction here, but just in case you do not know him, he is an American actor-comedian well-known for the comedy series “My Name is Earl” and many more. Ceren and Jason have been married since July 1, 2008.

However, they first met at a concert in Britain, and after many years Ceren moved to the US, and they transformed into a couple. Finally, they walked their wedding aisle in Norwalk, California, the United States. Now, if we go a bit father than their marriage, they started dating in September 2007 and remained in a romantic relationship for ten months before turning into husband and wife.

Moreover, Ceren was already carrying a baby in her womb during their marriage, so she gave birth to a baby girl in the same year of their marriage, i.e., on August 10, 2008. They named their angel daughter Casper Lee.

Furthermore, after four years, they welcomed a son in their family on June 16, 2012, and named him Sonny Lee. She has now been a mother to her third child Alberta, who is still a toddler. The family of five now lives a happy and content life. Also, she considers herself a mother of four, as she is stepmother to one of Jason’s children from his previous marriage.

Ceren Alkac with her husband, Jason Lee and children
Ceren Alkac with her husband, Jason Lee, and children

Ceren Alkac almost divorced back in 2015.

Enormous lead cast, Ceren and Jason’s relationship looked like a perfect masterpiece from the outside, but they did have some disputes in their relationship that we didn’t know of. As a result, they almost divorced each other in 2015. There were rumors of their divorce in December 2015, resulting from Jason’s strong belief in Scientology. The model also stated that she felt forced to follow the beliefs of Scientology.

However, the actor decided to leave his religion for the sake of their marriage and children. Hence, everything was sorted out, and the almost divorced couple rekindled their romance once again.

Husband Jason Lee was previously married

The actor and comedian were initially married to his first partner Carmen Llywelyn till 2001. She is an actress and photographer by profession. Furthermore, the couple reportedly married in 1995 but divorced in 2001. The actress later revealed that Jason’s commitment to Scientology resulted in them parting ways. After their divorce, Carmen stated that she was harassed by the Church of Scientology and was called a “Suppressive Person.”

Ceren alkac's husband, Jason Lee with his Ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn
Jason lee with his Ex-wife Carmen Llywelyn

Jason Lee Wife, Ceren Alkac Career

The Turkish model didn’t settle down for less. Apart from being a model, she also tried her luck in the acting industry. She got the role in a short film “After the Denim” in 2010 and the TV series “Enormous” in 2014. According to her IMDb, she has two acting credits. Ceren is also an entrepreneur woman who owns a company named Oddbird Co. She founded the company in 2015 to showcase the handcrafted textiles of her birthplace, Turkey. The major aim of founding this company was to help create a sustainable fashion with ethically made and priced products.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The model and actress Ceren stands at a towering height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 56 kg. She has well-maintained her physical stature as it directly affects her career. Furthermore, her body statistics are 34-25-35 inches.

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