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Charlotte Bernard: Age and Facts about Olivier Sarkozy Ex-Wife

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Olivier Sarkozy Ex-Wife, Charlotte Bernard

Charlotte Bernard is widely known for being the ex-wife of banker Olivier Sarkozy. However, besides her identity as a celebrity wife, she has made a professional career for her as a writer. While some part of her life is transparent in the media, many things about her are hidden behind the curtains. Hence, this article provides a more precise vision regarding her age and ‘ other exclusive facts.

Charlotte Bernard Age and Bio

Charlotte Bernard is a writer who is widely known for children’s books and fashion writings. Born in June 1, 1972, the writer is currently 49 years of age. She was born in Paris, France, and is a writer based there. Besides her identity as a writer, she is also the ex-wife of banker Oliver Sarkozy. Although she is from France, she completed high school studies in New York.

Later, she studies business management courses. Currently, Charlotte majorly writes comic books for children as she has a passion for writing exciting and knowledgeable stories for kids. Apart from that, she is a popular fashion writer whose fashion blogs are so much on demand.

Charlotte Bernard was married to Olivier Sarkozy

Ms. Bernard tied her wedding knots with her husband Olivier in the year 1997. They started dating in 1996, though. The former couple maintained a pretty private life when they were together, as we do not know when and where they first met. Furthermore, they also didn’t share details regarding their wedding. After four years of their marriage, the two conceived their first-born son named Julien in 2001, who is currently 20. Later in 2003, they welcomed their daughter Margo, who is now 18.

However, after welcoming two children and spending 13 years of marital life, their relationship crumbled in 2010. As a result, they divorced in 2011, not to mention any reasons for their separation. After the unsuccessful marriage, the writer lost faith in love and marriage, hence decided not to marry again in her life.

Charlotte Bernard with her Ex-husband, Olivier Sarkozy

A successful banker and investor, Charlotte Bernard and his Ex-wife, Charlotte Bernard

Charlotte Bernard was the Reason behind her Ex-husband’s second failed marriage

Although Charlotte decided not to marry again, her ex-husband Olivier moved on with his life and started his romantic relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen. The banker first met Mary in April 2012 at a party, and their relationship moved on quickly from there. They could be once seen together in the New York Knicks and the Dallas Maverick game, which confirmed their togetherness. They married in November 2015 but divorced each other in January 2021.

The divorce was because Olivier brought his ex-wife Charlotte and their children in their Bridgehampton home amid the pandemic. On the other hand, Mary did not want to live with her husband’s ex-wife under the same roof and filed for a divorce. However, she also had her reasons and filed for an emergency divorce in April 2020.

 Olivier Sarkozy with his second ex-wife, Mary Kate Oslen

Olivier Sarkozy and his second ex-wife, Mary Kate Oslen

Husband Olivier Sarkozy

Charlotte’s ex-husband is a successful banker and investor working for one of the most fantastic Carlyle Group located in New York. Also, he is the Board of Director of Bank United. He first embarked on his professional career at Dillon, Read & Co and worked there for three years. Later he joined UBS Investment Bank in 2003. He was also the Global Co-Head of Financial Institution Group around the same time. With his incredible banking skills, he handled the merging transactions between Regional Financials and Union Planters and many more.

Charlotte Bernard Net Worth and Income

Charlotte Bernard has a great career as an author, and her children books and fashion blog articles are popular in Paris, France. Hence, from that, she has earned a sum of around $500,000 as net worth. Besides her own earning, she might have obtained some amount from the divorce settlement with her ex-husband as well.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The writer has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 68 kg. Apart from this, her body measurements are unfortunately unavailable in the media.

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