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Charlotte Hopkins (Terry Bradshaw Ex-Wife) Age, and Biography

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Images of a lawyer and an author, Charlotte Hopkins

If you are a great fan of Terry Bradshaw, then you might be hoping to get some insights into his personal life. When it comes to the footballer’s life, you should be aware that he has three failed marriage histories. Nonetheless, his fans want each wife’s personal details. Hence, we have brought you some exclusive information about his third wife, Charlotte Hopkins, her age, and her biography.

Who is Charlotte Hopkins? Age and Biography

Charlotte can be introduced as a lawyer and an author as well. She has been working as a family attorney for a long time. However, her fame rose instantly after being linked with the football player Terry Bradshaw. She is 59 years old as she was born on April 17, 1962.

Being born in the United States, she has American nationality and belongs of Caucasian descent. She has made herself a reputed place in the field of law. Besides her professional life, nothing much is known about her personal life apart from the fact that she is the wife of a former footballer.

Charlotte Hopkins was married to Terry Bradshaw before divorce in 1999

Charlotte was married to Terry for 16 years. We exactly do not know when they met for the first time, but they took their wedding oaths in 1983. They were seen in a peaceful and affectionate relationship for a long time; however, due to unknown reasons, they got divorced in 1999. With 16 years of relationship, they were able to conceive two daughters. They are Erin and Rachel Bradshaw. Erin is 31 years and is married to a horse trainer named Scott Weiss. Furthermore, Rachel is 33 currently and is married to Rob Bironas.

Charlotte Hopkins with her Ex-husband and two daughters

A lawyer and an author, Charlotte Hopkins and her Ex-husband, Terry Bradshaw, and daughters, Erin and Rachel Bradshaw

Charlotte Hopkins is currently married to Rick Hagen

After many years after her divorce from Terry, she romantically got linked with Rick Hagen. They tied their wedding knots on July 29, 2012. As per our research, they are in a successful married life; however, there is no update about their children. Since Hopkins’s fertility peak has already been crossed till now, they might be planning for their parenthood via different methods available these days. However, they have never been vocal about conceiving children.

Charlotte Hopkin with his current husband, Rick

A lawyer and an author, Charlotte and her current husband, Rick Hagen

Charlotte Hopkins ex-husband previously had two failed marriages

Her husband, Terry Bradshaw, has had three failed marriages till now. His first wife was an athlete, the second one was Miss Teenage America, and the last one is Charlotte. His first marriage was with Melissa Babish. The duo married in 1972. At the time of their marriage, her fame was in peak, as she had won the title of Miss Teenage America.

However, their marriage ended in less than a year. Likewise, his second marriage was with Alicia Jojo Starbuck, who is an ice skater. They tied their knots around 1976 and managed to stay together for seven years, till they parted their ways in 1983. Terry has been successful in keeping his part marriage life very confidential till now. Furthermore, his marital relationship with Charlotte turned out to be unsuccessful, and now he is married to Tammy Bradshaw since 2014.

Who is Charlotte Hopkins’s ex-husband Terry Bradshaw?

We don’t think Terry needs an introduction, as he is already a notable person in the sports world. He is a renowned American professional football player who used to be a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. It’s Only a Game (2001) writer was born on September 2, 1948, and is now 72. He has also served as a sports analyst and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday. Besides being on a sports background, he is also a good singer, actor and has appeared in many Television shows and films.

He played with Pittsburgh for 14 seasons throughout his career and managed to win four Super Bowl titles in six years. Besides, he had the most powerful arms in NFL history at this time, reported by his Wikipedia profile.

Charlotte Hopkins Career

Hopkins went to Denton High School for her primary education and attended Texas Woman’s University for her higher education. Furthermore, having a keen interest in the law sector, she enrolled at Southern Methodist University. Soon after graduating, her incredible journey as a family attorney began. She has been working on matters related to divorce, property division, children custody, and prenuptial agreements. She is working for KoonsFuller family law at the moment. Her career has been blooming for more than 20 years, and she has been an expert in handling complex divorce and custody cases. Furthermore, she has also appeared in magazines such as Lantana Living and ARGYLE Living.

Charlotte Hopkins Net Worth

Being in a reputed position of a family attorney, she has earned massive fame and wealth. According to sources, she has a net worth of around $1.2 million. As far as we know, she has been living a luxurious life with her husband. Her worth can be measured in terms of monetary value and her dedication to her profession. Besides, she appeared in a show called The Bradshaw Brunch along with her two daughters, who are the primary cast in the series.

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