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Chase Landry Wife, Net Worth, Age, and Wiki-Bio

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Image of the renowned star of Swamp people, Chase Landry

Chase Landry‘s life is full of fun and suspense as he travels through the swamps and out to sea. Chase has made his unique fame in the industry by filming as an alligator’s hunter and living a life full of thrill and excitement. But, while we have loved this man on-camera, let’s find out if his real life is equally interesting. Also, know if he has a wife and kids.

Is Chase Landry married to Chelsea Kinsey? Kids

Seems like Landry has an equally exciting dating life. There were suspicions that he was married to Chelsea Kinsey. Although the duo never talked about their relationship or posted any pictures together, they lived together in Louisiana. After their first daughter was born, people assumed that they were already married. Riley Blake Landry was born on March 18, 2017. But soon later, the couple were separated.

It’s unclear whether they were married at all, as there are no photographs of the wedding ceremony to back up the claim. They separated a few years ago.

Is Chase Landry dating his Co-star Pickle Wheat?

Some years after the separation from Chelsea, Chase got involved with his co-star, Pickle Wheat. In October 2020, she updated her Facebook profile and announced her relationship with Chase Landry. Wheat’s original name is Cheyenne Wheat.

Image of the star of Swamp people, Chase Landry and his girlfriend
The renowned star as an alligator’s hunter, Chase Landry, and his girlfriend, Cheyenne Wheat

Pickle is also a professional alligator hunter who works on the Atchafalaya River Basin, located in Louisiana. This 26-year-old beautiful woman was born on September 21, 1995. The 5 feet 7 inches tall Pickle is weighed 125 pounds. Both of the couples love being in the wild, living an adventurous life. Since the lockdown was imposed, the duo has been living together. 

Chase Landry Net Worth and Salary

Image of the star of Swamp people, Chase Landry
The renowned star of Swamp people, Chase Landry

Did you know that a single episode of swamp hunting pays $3,000 to Chase? He gathers his fortune of $200,000 from his work and private business ventures. Chase has a deep-rooted interest in bikes and owns some most expensive bikes in the world.

How old is Chase Landry? Parents and Family

Chase was born on April 25, 1989, to Troy Landry and Bernita Landry. He grew up with two brothers Jacob and Brandon, in Pierre Part, Los Angeles. Chase’s father, Tory, taught him all the secrets of alligator hunting. Back in his day, Tory was called “King of Swamp.”

For the last five generations, this family has been living as a fisherman and a hunter. It’s the family legacy he carried to the whole world. He likes to call himself “Prince of Swamps” and show deep respect for his family tradition.

Chase Landry was Arrested in 2016.

In September of 2016, Landry was arrested for firing on a shrimping boat. He claimed that the firing was done when the ship on the opposite side approached his boat at high speed and didn’t slow down. The case was dismissed when Chase didn’t come to the trial, and he was ordered to go to jail. But seems like he never actually went to prison for long.

Chase Landry tattoos and Wiki-Bio

Chase has done over 50 episodes of “Swamp people.” Also, he is involved in “Choot’Em Angry” Swamp game development. Chase’s seafood business, “Chasin’ Tails,” also earns some good money. The media appearances and frequent controversies have made Chase Landry a familiar name. If you want to follow him on social media, he has a Twitter account with over 47.8k followers.

Chase Landry looks appealing with a fabulous physique. His upper body is full of different designs of tattoos. He has a tattoo of a red rose at the back of this palm. This upper chest region has a huge word “Loyalty” carved. 

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