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Chase Mattson Age, Kids, Wife, and Bio

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The attractive model, Chase Mattson

Chase Mattson is an American model and social media influencer with an energetic character who has again got viral in the news after he got engaged with a 6-months dated girlfriend, Kelianne Stankus. Kelianne is a professional gymnast. This man has superb physic that has attracted many. He attaches great importance to his physical and mental health through regular exercise and an organized diet plan. Let’s find out about Chase’s wife. We have gathered interesting facts regarding his age and kids in this article.

Chase Mattson Age and Biography

The attractive model, Chase Mattson, was born on 3rd June 1994. In California, the United States, he was conceived to Edward Mattson (father) and Laurie Galal (mother). Currently, his parents have found love with different persons. Also, his mother Laurie settled down with her later spouse. He grew up being close to his siblings, Payton (sister), Kyle, Teddy, Brandon, and Cameron.

Mattson went to school in Ontario and completed his graduation there. Since his youth, he got interested in exhibitions and has always been eager to pursue his own professional modeling in the industry. He started to perform in high school. Thanks to his mother, who let Mattson be independent. Because of his mother, he currently has grown very successful. He was inspired by one of her sisters named Peyton. He respects Payton’s strength and confidence.

Chase Mattson is engaed with Kelianne Stankus.

Kylian and Chase started dating in May 2020. This clarifies the date of their Instagram profiles. Both have “5 • 25 • 20” marked on their IG.

The couple seemed to be particularly happy with each other. Chase captioned their recent image,

“Life will be better when you are with someone who makes you smile.”

The two were engaged after only half a year of dating. On December 12, 2020, Chase knelt in front of Kalianne just to listen to her scream “Yes.”

A few weeks ago, they celebrated their first year anniversary on May 26. The two seem traveling in the woods, taking sexy photos, and living a great life together.

Chase Mattson with his Fiance, Kelianne Stankus
Attractive model, Chase Mattson with his Fiance, Kelianne Stankus

Fience Kelianne Stankus

Kelianne is herself a newbie model. She may be a relatively fresh TikTok star, but she already got the spotlight. In fact, the Stankus has a long experience in modeling. So far, she has won prizes from capable competitions. She was seen in one of Justin Bieber’s music videos.

The Stankus nickname is “Sleepybear.”Stankus has two brothers, Cody and Lucas. She completed her education in San Jose in 2011 and then moved to Florida.

Stankus’s gymnastics body is very attractive. She worked hard to become a member of the famous American National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team. Till now, her number one show in modeling is “One Tree Hill.” Before these appearances, Stankus won the gold medal in the 2005 Freedom Cup.

Recently, Stankus made her personal appearance in the “First Stunt Dance Company” acrobat on the 2015 Ellen DeGeneres Show, which amazed fans. On a floating skateboard, Kelianne and other acrobats performed a special, high-energy gymnastics show on Justin Bieber’s Heartbreak. She now brings her skills to TikTok, where she has more than 9.8 million fans. Stankus also collaborates with other TikTokers such as Tayler Holder and Nate Wyatt.

Although Stankus is clearly committed to health and well-being, she also seems to enjoy a variety of comfort foods, similar to pizza and frozen food, eaten once a time.

chase Mattson was married to his Ex-wife, Devyn Jackson

Mattson’s engagement with Stankus has regained the public’s attention of this first wife, Devin Jackson. Chase and Devyn were married for a short while before their relationship was ruined. The fact is that they went in a different direction and established public attention, but they never revealed the reason behind it. In his previous marriage, Chase had two daughters: Hazel and Nora.

Devyn is the chief architect of RSNL Creative and is known for advertising, website planning, and markup. Devyn Jackson lives in California today. She regularly posts through online media sites and seems to be very happy in life. She is dating, but her boyfriend’s name is being studied.

Devin Jackson, Ex-wife of Chase Mattson
Devin Jackson, Ex-wife of Model Chase Mattson

Chase Mattson Kids

One of Chase’s latest IG posts wrote,

“You are rarely too old for play in a Park.”

The family of 3 looked happy in the post published on July 12.

In any case, who are these children? Mattson has two daughters, Hazel and Nora. He publishes pictures of his daughters through online media as often as possible. He might be starting a family with his fiance soon.

Chase Mattson looking happy with his daughters
A Famous model, Chase Mattson with his daughters, Hazel and Nora

Chase Mattson Career

Mattson’s career began as a model in high school. After two years of business studies, he worked with “Luber Rocklin Acting.” Before this, he was still working at Hollister, where he was discovered by his representative Mark Mendez, and he advised Chase to seize the modeling opportunities in this industry.

He has worked for some well-known design brands and cooperated with mainstream showrooms such as Models Direct Management, LA Models Runway, and Mega Miami. Currently, he works in Next Models’ Los Angeles/London showroom office. He is also very popular through web-based media and has promoted many fashion brands there.

He is often seen in the covers of famous magazines such as Fave.

Chase Mattson’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Chase Mattson’s total assets are around $1 million. It is basically obtained through his paid promotion, modeling, and ads on his web-based media accounts.

Height, weight, and measurement

Chase is 5 feet 10 inches with about 75 kilograms weight. He has short, straight, tapered hair and charming eyes with unpleasant dark shadows. In addition, he has made a great tattoo on his left hand.

Social media activities

Chase is also particularly famous in online media and has added many fans to his media account. Instagram account, which is full of family portraits and beautiful photos, has 623,000 fans. Then there is his TikTok, rich in vlog content, with 2.4 million fans and 95.7 million likes; this is amazing.

In fact, even YouTube with similar content has approximately 57.9k followers. Twitter has about 6,000 legitimate followers.

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