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Is Chris Gardner’s Former Wife, Sherry Dyson Dead?

Image of a successful mathematician, Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson is the ex-wife of a famous motivational speaker, Christopher Paul Gardner, popularly known as Chris Gardner. He is also a successful businessman. Born in Wisconsin on the 9th February 1954, Gardener is the second child to Bettye Jean.

Let’s talk more about his former wife, Sherry Dyson, and the death rumor about her in this article.

Chris Gardner’s Wife Sherry Dyson’s Death is a Rumor

There was a widespread rumor about the death of the ex-wife of Chris Gardner, Sherry Dyson. However, there is no confirmed source of the news to make it authentic news. It could be just a rumor.

Chris Gardner and Sherry Dyson Married Life, Divorce, and Kids

The famous American businessman and stock investor, Chirs Gardner was married to a famous mathematician Sherry Dyson. They got married in 1977 and lived together until 1986.

It is unclear where and when the two met. There is no information shared about the couple’s relationship. However, the duo has lived a married life for nine years.

The two were happily living until Dyson found out that Gardner was cheating on her. Just after three years of their marriage, Gardner was in an extra-marital relationship with a girl called Jackie Medina. She got pregnant, and he left his wife to move to his girlfriend and prepare for fatherhood.

After Dyson found out that her husband was having an affair with another girl, their married life was broken, leading to the divorce. The mathematician wife of the businessman wanted to set her way apart from her husband. However, she waited until 1986 on a rocky path of their married life to get divorced legally.

The couple doesn’t have any children together. However, Gardener has two children with Jackie, who also left him later on.

Image of a talented mathematician, Sherry Dyson and her ex-husband
A talented mathematician, Sherry Dyson with her  ex-husband, Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson is a Mathematician.

Apart from being the ex-wife of a famous businessman, Dyson has her name and profession. She is a professional mathematician. Born in Virginia, Dyson works as a mathematics expert and teacher. Despite her identity as a mathematician, she was more popular as the wife of Gardner.

Chris Gardner cheated on Sherry Dyson.

The happy married life of Gardner and Dyson, unfortunately, ended in a tragedy. It is said that the businessman was cheating on his wife. As per the information, Sherry found out that Gardner was in affairs with another girl while they were still married.

This unfaithful behavior of Gardner led to the divorce of the couple.

Sherry Dyson’s Wiki-Bio

NameSherry Dyson
Date of BirthN/A
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandChris Gardner

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