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Cindy Millican (Glenn Frey Wife) Net Worth, Age, Bio

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Glenn Frey Wife, Cindy Millican

Cindy Millican is a notable actress and dancer who is now profoundly known for being the widow of Glenn Frey. You must’ve known Glenn as the founding member of the prestigious musical band named Eagles. While Glenn made a significant contribution in the musical industry of the United States and remained in prominence throughout his career, Cindy has not yet been given much of the attention like her late husband.

However, after the musician’s death, people are more concerned about the late Glenn Frey’s wife, Cindy Millican, her net worth, age, and biography. Hence, let’s spare a moment to read about Cindy Millican in the article down below.

How old is Cindy Millican? Age and Bio

Born in 1967, Cindy Millican is currently 54 years of age. She has an American nationality as she was born in the US. Her early life details are not distinctly available on the internet as she came into prominence as there is no information on how she became an aspiring actress.

Cindy Millican Net Worth

Being the wife of a legendary musician Glenn Frey, she certainly inherited a substantial net worth from her later husband. According to a few sources, Cindy has a net worth of more than $90 million. While most of the amount came from her husband’s will, the lady has earned a considerable amount from her career.


Cindy had a great career as an actress and dancer, but she left her career for a very long time. She worked as a dancer for a long time and even danced in some music videos and choreographed for some music videos. However, Cindy didn’t get the recognition that she deserved back then by her career.

However, later she appeared in the spotlight after she starred in The Running Man, alongside the famous movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She also featured as a student in a series, Head of the Class, from 1986 to 1991. However, after getting married to the lead singer of Eagles, she left her career and engaged herself in creating a family with the musician and engaged herself in multiple charity works.

Married life with her late husband, Glenn Frey.

While many of you know that Glenn Frey and Cindy Millican were married, very few of you might know the beginning of their love story. They first met while the lead singer of Eagles was shooting a music video, and during that, the couple encountered each other. It is known that Cindy was in charge of the video’s dance choreography in his music videos.

On the other hand, it had been just two years since Glenn divorced his first wife, Janie Beggs. You read that right; Glenn was previously married to his first wife in 1983 and stayed with her until 1988. So by calculation, Glenn met Cindy in 1990. Meeting the dance choreographer and faking in love with her was a second chance for the singer, which is why he didn’t let it go. They got serious instantly and read their wedding vows in 1990. They stayed married until the death of the singer in 2016. He died on January 18, 2016, of pneumonia, acute ulcerative colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Cindy Millican Children: Deacon Frey, Taylor Frey, and Otis Frey

Glenn Frey’s wife is now a single mother to three of her children named Deacon Frey, Taylor Frey, and Otis Frey. Their son Deacon was born in 1993, so he is currently 28 years of age. Furthermore, Deacon joined the band Eagle after his father’s death and has been carrying his father’s legacy.

Moreover, their daughter Taylor is currently 30, as she was born in 1991. She is a professional Road manager, writer, and actress. She has been working for New Lead Literary & Media since 2017. Furthermore, their youngest son Otis is now 18, born in 2003, who might have just graduated from high school.

Cindy Millician with her children and husband, Gleen Frey
Cindy Millican with her children and husband, Gleen Frey

Cindy Millican Lupus Diagnosis and Lawsuits

A mother of three, Cindy was diagnosed with a disease called Lupus; an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks the body’s tissues. Later, she also got involved with the charity organization Lupus LA, established by Dr. Daniel Wallace, who helped her through her illness. Furthermore, Cindy also filed a lawsuit against Mount Sinai Hospital and a gastroenterologist named Steven Itzkowitz.

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