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Clare Fleetwood (Tommy Fleetwood Wife) Age, Wiki and Bio Facts

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Image of wife of significant Britain's golf idol, Tommy Fleetwood, Clare Fleetwood

Clare Fleetwood is married to the top golf player of England, Tommy Fleetwood. She serves as a manager to her husband. She is a mother of 3 beautiful sons and is associated with Richard Burns foundations.

Over the years, she has revolved around as a well-made woman in golf. Let’s find out how she is trying to make a significant difference to make the world a better place with her posts on social media.

Who is Clare Fleetwood?

The famous wife of significant Britain’s golf idol, Clare Fleetwood, is one of the most successful women in sports as she is the formal vice-president of Hambric Europe. The powerful woman, Clare, is one of the people behind turning amateur golfers into flourishing future professional superstars. Clare Fleetwood is the lady luck and the manager of Tommy Fleetwood since 2015. She always makes sure to have his back and guides her husband in the right direction.

Image of the formal vice-president of Hambric Europe, Clare Fleetwood
The formal vice-president of Hambric Europe and wife of Tommy Fleetwood, Clare Fleetwood.

Similarly, Clare Fleetwood is all about giving back to society; hence she is the establisher of the Richard Burns Foundations. The fundraiser is done to glorify the former rally driver who passed away due to cancer. The organization helps people with brain injuries.

How Old Is Clare Fleetwood? Birthday and Family

The woman behind Tommy Fleetwood’s fate, Clare, was born and raised in Manchester, England. She is 49 years old, born in 1971. Her father is Mr. Brian Caudwell. Some public figures prefer to keep their personal lives away from media, and Clare Fleetwood falls in that category. Therefore, there is no information on her earlier days as a high school student. However, she is an attractive woman with a height of 1,72 m  and weighs about 64kg. As a mom of three, that’s pretty impressive.

Married Life and Kids with Her husband, Tommy Fleetwood

True love is the purest form above all, and it happens when a person least expects it. After the failed marriage with Andy Craig, she was given a second chance to meet his soulmate, Tommy Fleetwood. The couple fell in love when they started working together as Clare was his manager.

After hesitating for a while due to 20 years difference, they decided to get married. Finally, the inspirational couple forgot about society and listened to their heart. In October 2017, they got hitched in the Bahamas and are inseparable ever since.

Image of the formal vice-president of Hambric Europe, Clare Fleetwood with her family
The wife of significant Britain’s golf idol, Tommy Fleetwood, Clare Fleetwood with her husband and kids.

As a second wife, Clare Fleetwood got a lifelong blessing in the form of her two children with her ex-husband. Her two sons, Oscar Craig and Mo Craig are very much connected with their stepdad, Tommy Fleetwood. They are seen in almost every vacation together as a family and have a great bond. After raising two sons, the couple got a tremendous gift when they discovered they were pregnant with Franklin. The youngest kid is a lucky guy with two elder brothers as his shield.

Clare Fleetwood Net worth and Salary

Clare Fleetwood earns pretty well and has a five-digit salary of $42,000 As the manager of the world-renowned golf player. Throughout her career as a former vice-president, she must have made a fortune for herself. At the moment, her net worth is under review.

However, the collective net worth of Clare Fleetwood and Tommy Fleetwood estimates around $15 million.

Social Media Activities

Clare is a firm believer in the diversity of all races, religions, and ethnicity and supports important agendas like the black lives matter moment and women of all colors. Recently in Eid, she wished all her Muslim friends. Fleetwood uses her Instagram page, clarefleetwood1, as the primary source to speak up for essential things.

Moreover, we can find her on Twitter as Clare Fleetwood, and her bio is, “Mama to Oscar, Mo and Frankie. Wife, and agent to Tommy. My family is everything to me <3”.

She is also on Facebook.

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