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Cole Sand Wiki-Biography 

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Images of a young and famous American actor, Cole Sand

Cole Sand is a young and famous American actor who is the face for “Measure of a Man.” This young and talented actor gained massive popularity from movies like “Decent People” and “Able”. In an early age, Mr. Sand has been able to win the hearts of many fans through the industry. To know more about Cole, please read the full article till the end. Are you ready?

Who is Cole Sand? Age and Early Life

Cole sand is a famous American actor, and he was born on 2003 May 24 in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Now, he is 18 years old. Sand celebrates his birthday on May 24 with big celebrations.

Cole has a total of five members in his family. His brothers, Jadon and Carter, are also the actors. Jadon Sand is the twins of Cole Stand. Information regarding his parents is still unknown. However, we know that all family members are going great in their careers and living luxurious life.

Cole definitely has good education, but his high school name is still unknown. This handsome guy entered the film industry in young age as he has been focused in his career. Therefore, he has to miss almost many classes. Finding time for family and school is hard when you are famous. However, he has recently managed to be graduated.

Cole Sand Career

Cole sand, an American Actor whose carrier started from the movie “Nelson and Alley.” He started appearing in films at the age of 5 years from “Decent People”. This movie was released in 2008.

Sand’s career-changing films are “Measure of a Man” and “Able,” released almost a decade ago. After he shared the screen in these movies, he gained money and achieved massive popularity in his childhood age. He has done several television shows like “Parks and Recreation.” Another renowned work of Cole sand is “Modern Family.” Also, the “American Horror Story” got quite of public attention.

Sand played Jensen in “Parenthood” which is still a hit. Sand’s other voicing credits include Santa’s Apprentice. He had also voiced Hotel Transylvania 2. In Netflix’s Trollhunters, he plays Eli Pepperjack.

Did you know that Cole also played in “Sam & Cat”, a popular Nickelodeon comedy sitcom that was premiered in 2013? Cole portrayed Luca in the first few episodes of the program.

Siblings: Jadon Sand and Carter Sand

Jadon and Carter are the brothers of Cole Sand. Jadon is cole’s twin brother. Both Jadon and Carter are the brilliant actors of America.

Jadon was born on May 24 of 2003. Jadon is most well-known for his film appearances and voice-overs. Also, the 18 years old actor gave his voice to shows like Frozen and The Lego Movie. “Never Land Pirates” and “The Affair” are two more television series in which Jodon’s voice was loved.

Decent People,” a 2008 short film, was Jodon’s debut performance. In addition, his involvement in the television programs “How I Met Your Mother” and “Private Practice” is well known.

Jadon strives to do his best and continue his great work. As a result of the reputation, he has already established in the industry, and he has had several proposals for high-profile productions. We can only hope that Jadon’s hard work and commitment will lead him to success in his future career as an actor.

Carter Sand is a 16 years young brother of Jadon and Cole Sand. Carter Sand is also the famous Voice Actor of America. He is renowned for his roles in Frozen and Hotel Transylvania 2 in 2013 and 2015. But Carter has not done many movies. We are yet to see his significant roles in the film industry.

Cole Sand with his siblings, Jaden and Carter
A young and famous American actor, Cole Sand with his siblings, Jaden and Carter

Cole Sand graduated in 2021

Cole completed his graduation in 2021 at the age of 18 years old. He shared his graduation photo on Instagram about two months ago on June 13. But the college name and the subject of graduation are unknown. Usually, he loves to hide his personal life. We dont know if he will continue his education to college. He might take some acting classes.

Image of Cole Sand
Cole Sand showing graduation certificate

Cole Sand is a Black Belt Taekwondo Player

‘All The Marbles’ actor is also a Taekwondo player holding Black Belt. Sand won a Black Belt at only 15. His six years of hard work came to life when Sand got that black belt.

His Black belt testing post said,

“Black belt test today. My whole body shivers and my word is lost, but I feel nice today. Six years in the struggle”.

Taekwondo is cole’s passion, and he plans to do what he loves. This has also helped him perform stunts in the movie.

Social Media Activities

Sands handles his Instagram, Twitter, and a YouTube channel himself. “colesand524” is his Instagram account with 4937 followers. “@ColeSand” is his Twitter account having 14.3k followers. “88 Keys” in the youtube channel has only ten subscribers. He uses Instagram and Twitter to share his life.

Cole is still in his teens and yet achieved big goals in his carrier. But his success in the lead role, playing serious characters, is yet to be public. Fans will definitely see Sand growing to a big star.

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