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Colin Cowherd Has a Daughter With Ex-Wife, Kimberly Anne Vadala.

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Image of American journalist's ex-wife, Kimberly Ann Vadala

Colin Cowherd is a reputable radio journalist in the sports broadcasting industry. Throughout his career, Cowherd has worked with several popular sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports Radio. Besides being a media personality, Cowherd is also an amazing father.

He has two children with his ex-wife, one being Kimberly Anne Vadala. Today, we will be concentrating more on his daughter, Liv Cowherd, and ex-wife.

Colin Cowherd’s ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Vadala.

Kimberly Vadala was born sometime in the early 1970s. There is no significant or valid information on her personal or early life. However, some sources claim that Vadala is a Fitness model and expert. This was not her claim to fame, however.

Kimberly burst into the limelight after she got together with Colin Cowherd. After years of being a celebrity wife, Kimberly and Colin separated, and she became his ex-wife. Diving deeper into Vadala’s biography, we learned that Kimberly had an interest in journalism sometime back.

Despite this, Kimberly Anne Vadala ended up pursuing a career in the world of fitness. It is widely reported that she was particularly proficient when it came to pilates and yoga.

Since her divorce from Cowherd was finalized, Kimberly has lived a life far removed from prying eyes. Even her social media accounts are listed as private.

Kimberly’s Former Life as Colin Cowherd’s Wife.

Kimberly and Colin tied the knot in 1996. They had a private wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, neither of them disclosed any information on their relationship, including where and when they met. In between their eleven years of marriage, the duo had two children together. The two have a daughter, Liv Cowherd. Kimberly and Colin have kept their son away from the media. There is no information about him, including his name and date of birth.

Kimberly and Colin’s marriage came to an end in 2007. There were rumors that her ex-husband had been unfaithful during their marriage. Other rumors also state that Kimberly had become too controlling and her bad attitude made their marriage unconducive. However, those rumors have not been confirmed to be true by either of them.

Image of renowned journalist, Colin Cowherd and his ex-wife, Kimberly Ann Vadala

Kimberly Ann Vadala, an American ex-wife of a popular American personality, Colin Cowherd

Daughter Liv Cowherd.

Liv Cowherd is a celebrity daughter. She was born on 12th September 2000 to Colin Cowherd and Kimberly Vadala. Liv is also identified as an internet star. Did you know she has more than 316k followers on three combined social media platforms?

Liv Cowherd currently has 94.1k Instagram followers, 141.4k Twitter followers, and 86.9k TikTok followers. No information on Liv’s early life has been disclosed yet. However, we can see that she grew up to be a beautiful and strong-minded woman. Looking at her social media sites, we can see that Liv loves hanging out with her friends.

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