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Connor Fielding Age and Biography

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Images of an award-winning child actor, Connor Fielding

Connor Fielding is an award-winning child actor who has been on the screens from the age of four. He has been pursuing his career in acting ever since then and now, is growing up to be a talented teenager with excellent acting and performing skills.

The child actor is best known for three series of the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The movie was the beginning and a breakthrough of his career, and now we still expect him to see on big screens. The kid is certainly going to be a great superstar in days to come. Hence, let’s take a closer look at his personal life and biography.

Connor Fielding Age and Bio

Connor Fielding is an emerging actor who has been working in the entertainment industry since an early age. He has been renowned as Manny Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Since he was born on September 14, 2006, he is now 14 years old, turning 15 soon. He was born to parents Gloria Gomez and Nathan Fielding in Vancouver, Canada. His parents are indeed fortunate and proud to have been known as celebrity parents.

Moreover, the actor’s childhood went quite well as his parents were very supportive of his work. They always pushed him to do better in every aspect of his life. Besides, there is no information regarding their educational details, but we are sure the kid is balancing his studies and career perfectly.

Connor Fielding Career

We cannot get away without mentioning that Connor has played the role of Manny Heffley in the first three series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. He appeared in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days from the year 2010 to 2012. In fact, the first series of the film was released when he was four years old. Well, it’s pretty unbelievable that the kid has been on the screen from that tender age. Moreover, he even bagged an award entitled “Young Artist Award” in the year 2013.

In 2014, he played a supporting role named Jeremy in the thriller film Dead of Night. He also appeared in short films like Farewell Letter (2012), Man with a Van and Some Boxes (2013), Elsewhere (2013), Promise (2013), Craft (2014), Blood and Dinosaurs (2016). Besides, the kid was also featured on a mini TV series named Minority Report, where he played the role of Young Dash in 2015.

His most recent work is a movie called Kim Possible (2019), where he starred as Jim.

Conner Fielding Twin Brother, Owen Fielding

Conner is not the only son of his parents, but he also has a twin brother named Owen Fielding. Both of the brothers are into the acting career. Like his brother, Owen is also a child actor who became famous after appearing in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He was introduced to the world of film when he was four years old, and his innocent and realistic work from those times is still admired. The twin brothers together have also appeared in films like Man with a Van and Some Boxes.

According to the IMDb page, he is just 14 as of 2021 but has 17 credits as an actor. He has appeared in a mini TV series in 2015 where he played the role of Young Arthur.

Connor Fielding with his twin brother, Owen Fielding
Twin brothers, Conor and Owen Fielding.

Furthermore, his role Rob, in the famous movie October Kiss was widely acclaimed. The kid has featured in movies and series and appeared as a guest in The Joey & Elise Show in 2012. Compared to his twin brother Conner, he has a bit more credits and recognition in the industry. However, the twin brothers together will surely make a great name and fame in the entertainment industry in days to come.

Conner Fielding is Also a Gymnast

Apart from pursuing their acting career, the twin brothers are also into Gymnastics. You can see their gymnastics skills posted in the Instagram handle named @eneryfielding. This doesn’t seem to be their own Instagram account, as sources claimed that they are not yet on Instagram publicly.

Also, Jane Fielding has shared a video of them doing flips at Parkour gym in Vancouver. Both of the kids are seen flipping their skateboards and showing their talents. As we go through Instagram, we realized that they had been associated with Flip City Gymnastics Club.

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