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Cooke Maroney Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Ex-Girlfriends

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Sexiest man, Cooke Maroney in blue eyes

Cooke Maroney is an art specialist who has worked at several popular galleries in America. He was thrust into the limelight because he is the boyfriend of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. He was born on July 3rd, 1984, in Manhattan, New York City. The gallerist has dated several girlfriends. Find his ex-girlfriends.

Cooke is primarily lauded for his work with the Gagosian Art Institute. At last count, the gallery has outlets in places like Hong Kong, Rome, and London. Maroney is more inclined to contemporary art. Moreover, he also appreciates modern art. Let us learn more about Cooke Maroney in this review.

Career Highlights

Cooke Maroney was motivated by his father to pursue a career in art. Currently, he is a senior executive at Gladstone Gallery. His art displays attract numerous high-profile clients such as Carol Dunham, Anish Kapoor, Richard Prince, and Bjork’s ex, Matthew Barney.

In 2011, Maroney was pictured in a free vivacious end-of-summer party. The host of the party was The Hole Display’s imaginative executive, Fabiola Beracasa, at her home in Montauk. He was among a host of models, specialists, and workmanship experts in attendance at the gathering.

Cooke Maroney looking handsome in black shirt
American Art Gallery Director, Cooke Maroney.

Cooke Maroney Net Worth and Income

Maroney has earned his fortune through his art gallery. Presently, Cooke Maroney’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million. His net worth partly stems from the success of his gallery.

Cooke Maroney is slightly behind some of the world’s best-known art curators in terms of net worth. For example, David Choo is worth $200 million and Jasper Johns $300 million. Nevertheless, Maroney has a time advantage. Thus, it is possible his net worth will significantly increase in the near future.

His Relationship

Cooke Maroney is married to Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence. Likewise, the couple got married in October 2019 in a flamboyant wedding that took place in Rhode Island. In attendance at their wedding were 150 invited guests. These include the likes of Adele, Kris Jenner, and Amy Schumer. Furthermore, Jennifer described Cooke as the greatest person she had ever met. Additionally, she said that she felt very honored to become a Maroney.

Meanwhile, the two have a great love story. Jennifer was introduced to Cooke by her best friend, Laura Simpson, during the 2014 Oscar awards. Indeed, Jennifer Lawrence is a popular American Oscar-winning actress. About six years back, she was easily one of the best-paid stars in Hollywood.

Perhaps this is why she and Cooke mesh well together. Unfortunately, as history has proven, celebrity marriages do not have the best track record.

Cooke Maroney and her wife Jeniffer Lawrence in white outfit
American art director, Cooke Maroney and her wife, Jeniffer Lawrence.


Being such a good-looking guy, Maroney must have had dated some pretty girls in the past. However, there is no such information on the internet, and this is just an assumption.

However, his high school friends reveal that he was the best-dressed guy in college. Furthermore, his mates voted Cooke Maroney and his high school girlfriend as the best-dressed couple.

Cooke Maroney, Wiki, Biography

Full nameCooke Maroney
Age37 years old.
Date of BirthJuly 3rd, 1984
Place of BirthManhattan, New York, USA.
ProfessionArt Gallery Director
Net worth$25 million
PartnerJennifer Lawrence
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ParentsJames Maroney and Suki Fredericks

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